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State of Sales Enablement 2018

Updated for 2021: State of Sales Enablement 2021

Companies across all industries are finding sales enablement to be a powerful driver of sales and marketing success. Over the past five years, the sales enablement industry has evolved beyond simple tactics and training into a robust set of solutions and technologies that empower modern organisations to optimise the sales cycle, remove friction from their go-to-market strategies, provide a more tailored buyer experience, and grow revenue.

The effect of sales enablement activities on sales growth has never been more evident. This year’s State of Sales Enablement report shows that the gap between those with and without formal sales enablement programs is widening. The report also highlights how sales enablement is transformational in companies, and how many businesses are still in the early stages of the implementation process. This underscores the importance of enacting a sales enablement strategy – or quickly renovating sales enablement processes already in place – to realise the full benefits before competitors gain the upper hand.

This report is a window into how companies are using their sales enablement processes to boost conversion, focus on the buyer’s journey, and increase revenue. By leveraging this information, your organisation can chart the best course for success, regardless of the maturity of sales enablement at your company.

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