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Reps Love Highspot

What’s the best way to help your sales reps be more productive?

Get them a sales enablement solution they LOVE.

We’re proud to consistently have some of the highest customer ratings in the industry for our modern, structured sales enablement solution. In fact, Highspot’s Salesforce AppExchange Reviews place us higher than any other Sales Enablement vendor in the market.

What reps are saying about Highspot:

Highspot has been an amazing resource for every account executive on the small business team at PayScale. I use Highspot every day to pitch whitepapers/webinars/reports to clients and I love the aspect that I get notified when they click or download any of the material! Highspot saves a lot of time in my day to day tasks! – Heather Harrison

Highspot has been a great resource for our sales team. Working with enterprise clients, we often have long sales cycles, which include multiple decision makers, and requires specialised business cases/collateral. Using generalised brochures often doesn’t cut it. Highspot makes it easy for my team to share content and saves us hours! – Jenna Donohue

I love that it is integrated into SFDC so I don’t need to jump between multiple systems. For my role as an account manager, it allows me to access all necessary marketing and training materials I need in minimal clicks. – Axel Dio

Download this eBook that highlights direct customer feedback and data we’ve gathered on everything from content management and customer engagement to unrivalled analytics, and everything in between.

reps love highspot

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