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Aberdeen: Build a Sales Enablement Win

What if you could help your sales team grow revenue 100% faster?

It sounds audacious, but with the right sales enablement practices, this goal is absolutely possible. In fact, Aberdeen Group has provided the proof in a recent research report.

It’s true that “sales enablement” means different things to different organisations, but the common thread that stretches across all industries, verticals, and revenue bands, is how to best manage customer-facing content. Content, after all, is the backbone of the sales cycle. Without it, sales has nothing to show prospects.

However, to help sales sell marketing needs feedback on the content it produces to make sure it’s hitting the mark.

The good news is that there is a way for both organisations to get what they need and the better alignment is having incredible results on top-line growth.

Learn how Best-in-Class organisations are pioneering new methods in sales enablement in this Aberdeen Knowledge Brief, “Building Towards a Sales Enablement Win: Where do I start?” In it you’ll find:

  • Aberdeen’s new sales enablement framework: Aggregate, Engage, Analyse
  • 4 concrete tips on making it successful
  • Research data and benchmarks to set as 2016 goals
  • When to consider rolling out a sales enablement platform in your organisation

Download this report to ensure you’re taking advantage of what other organisations are quickly learning and build out your 2016 plan now.


peter-ostrow-aberdeenPeter Ostrow is the VP/Group Director, Customer Management and Principal Analyst, Sales Effectiveness at the Aberdeen Group, a leading provider of fact-based research focused on the global technology-driven value chain. At Aberdeen, Peter oversees research consumed by end-users in Marketing, Sales and Service management roles. He also leads the Sales Effectiveness practice, covering the technology, service and consulting enablers that enterprise sales forces deploy to become best-in-class organisations.

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