Highspot + Microsoft: Increase Sales Productivity and Beat Quota

Bring content, training, and more to the Microsoft apps you use every day.

Connect Highspot With Microsoft to Supercharge Sales

Better Content Management

Seamlessly import existing content, folders, and metadata from Sharepoint or OneDrive to Highspot, building a single source truth for sellers.

Guide Sellers With Context

Infuse Highspot content, plays, and training directly into Outlook, Teams, and Dynamics, empowering sales reps to engage and convert buyers directly from Microsoft apps.

Tie Enablement to Revenue

Highspot links enablement activity to opportunities in Dynamics 365, providing insights into revenue generated from content, sales plays, and training. 

Microsoft Applications

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Highspot’s AI-powered Engagement Genomics™ auto-relates sales rep engagement to Dynamics records, giving you complete revenue insights–no manual input required.

  • In-app sales content recommendations
  • Influenced revenue reporting and scorecards
  • Share digital sales rooms from Dynamics
  • Contextual compete materials and battlecards
  • Just-in-time learning and sales plays for every deal

Microsoft Sales Copilot

Highspot and Microsoft co-developed exclusive AI integrations that connect Highspot digital sales rooms, content recommendations, and engagement data to Microsoft Sales Copilot. This functionality enables sellers to focus on high-value activities that move deals forward, all within Microsoft workflows.

  • Buyer engagement activity timeline
  • Highspot content recommendations in context
  • Associated digital sales rooms on every deal

Microsoft Teams

Sales reps can quickly build and share Highspot digital sales rooms and get AI-generated answers without leaving Teams chat. Analyze Teams meeting recordings within Highspot to understand how effective sellers are in real-world conversations and sharpen seller’s skills.

  • Create and add digital sales rooms from Teams
  • Highspot AI-powered Instant Answers in Teams
  • Access Teams from digital sales rooms
  • Conversation intelligence to analyze Teams meetings
  • Apply skills rubrics to Teams Meeting recordings


Highspot enables sales reps to craft and share digital sales rooms through Outlook, simplifying work and arming them with modern buyer experiences that stand out from the competition.

  • Organize  and share digital sales rooms from Outlook
  • Real-time notifications on buyer activity
  • Highspot activity timeline in the Outlook Copilot pane
  • Associated digital sales rooms in the Outlook Copilot pane
Buyers Matrix Infographic

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