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Does Your Sales Enablement Content Balance Control and Flexibility?

Posted in:  Sales and Marketing Management

Companies work very hard to optimise their sales processes and create content that facilitates the buyer journey through those processes. Sales portals have historically attempted to provide a way to centrally publish, version, and update all critical sales collateral, providing the control that both marketing and sales leaders desire.

Marketing leaders want consistent brand, messaging, and usage of content and collateral pieces that they create so that everything is of high quality and “rogue” materials don’t get released.

Sales leaders, especially ones in businesses where the transaction volume is high or sales process highly structured, want only the pieces of content that power the engine, perceiving anything else as a distraction or a detour from the scripted process.

The problem is that rarely does the sales portal address the true need because it lacks any type of feedback or continuous learning capabilities. Often, there is a disconnect between what marketing is producing and what sales needs, and there is absolutely no visibility into how effective any of it is in actually engaging with and converting prospects into customers. On one hand, you want to ensure a level of quality and consistency across all materials, but you also want to make sure that the sales team has the tools and discretion they need to successfully compete and win new business.

Creating a closed-content loop from marketing to sales to customers has remained elusive as each salesperson has “their” deck that works with prospects on their laptop, with no formal or efficient way to share that with other members of the sales team and absolutely no visibility to marketing about “what works” unless they happen to sit in on a sales call. Tapping expertise in the organisation in this way, and balancing the desire for control and consistency, is possible by automating the “content loop” so that marketing sees how its content actually performs, sales gets the flexibility that reps need, and customers move through the buying journey benefiting from this newly found and understood institutional knowledge.

We built Highspot to solve this problem, understanding that no one has ever really scored content based on how effective it is at different stages of the buyer journey. We help companies take their sales portals to the next level by providing dynamic sales playbooks that leverage not only all the organisation know-how and expertise but are constantly improved with direct feedback from how effective the various pieces are at driving deal progress and close rates. Contact us if you’d like us to tell you more or schedule a demo.