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Accelerate Your Sales Process with Intelligent Content

Posted in:  Sales and Marketing Management

One could argue that content is the lifeblood of the modern customer lifecycle, from promotional materials produced to drive top of the funnel interest to collateral used throughout the buyer’s journey to win new business.

Marketing creates content to feed paid programs, populate email lead nurturing flows, and drive interest and awareness for the company as it seeks to find and attract qualified sales prospects.

Once interested, these sales prospects require engagement, nurturing, and information that often extends well beyond the marketing department and makes the sales representative the primary point of contact to usher the prospect through the buying cycle.

A disconnect can occur between marketing and sales, where the “in funnel” content is under-utilised, modified, or just ignored. How do CMOs know what is working during sales engagement and closing efforts?  How do sales teams share their knowledge of “what works” with the rest of their team? Does sales even provide content feedback to the marketing department?

Very often a large information gap develops around this core part of the customer acquisition process, with little to no visibility around what is used, works well, or gets routinely modified.

We think there is a better way to connect the dots between sales portals (where content resides) to CRM (where it is put to use) and ultimately into the hands of the prospect who gets value (or not) from all those upstream efforts.

Intelligent content is about optimising what you have and, in many ways, automating its delivery, updating, and performance reporting.  We think it is imperative to know if all those content development efforts truly translate to customer wins and revenue for the organisation and with Highspot you can actually connect the dots, see the results, and the best part is that the prioritisation and ranking of the most effective content used throughout your sales process happens automatically.

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