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5 Reasons You Need to Connect Your Sales Enablement Platform to CRM

Posted in:  Sales Enablement Strategy

The most useful sales technology is the solution that your sellers actually use. 

The past several years have seen incredible growth in the number of tools that enablement teams and IT organisations can implement to empower sales teams. However, these new technologies will only generate a return on your investment if sellers can make the most of them. Customer relationship management (CRM) applications and sales enablement technology are essential pieces of your sales tech stack, and by linking the two of them, your business will reap the benefits.

Here are the top five reasons to connect CRM to your sales enablement platform today.

Reduce Manual Data Entry

By connecting a CRM such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your sales enablement platform, you’ll reduce the need for sellers to perform manual data entry in order to update CRM records. Time freed up from administrative tasks is better spent selling — look for a sales enablement platform that will save your reps time and help maintain CRM data hygiene by automatically logging all activities and shared content to their contacts, accounts, leads, and opportunities. Ensuring data flows through to your CRM also gives sales leaders and marketing teams better insight into activity on the account, what content is being shared, and how deals are progressing.

Let Sellers Work in Their Preferred Flow

If there’s more than one seller on your team, it’s likely that you’ll see any number of workflows as they go about their day. Some may prefer to spend a significant amount of time prospecting via Outlook or Gmail, whereas others leverage a mobile app with sales enablement plugins or spend much of their time working from a dashboard, report, or individual record in CRM. It’s essential that your sales enablement platform lives wherever they live to provide an immersive, in-context experience within CRM that works with, not against, your team.

Equip Sellers with Relevant Resources

Give sellers the guidance and resources they need from your sales enablement platform with AI-driven content recommendations and training that relate to CRM attributes, such as the product they’re selling, the prospect’s industry, or competitors involved in a potential deal. Your sales enablement platform should automatically surface recommended content and just-in-time training so that sellers can make the most of resources that proved effective in past similar deals.

Improve the Buyer Experience

In addition to improving the seller’s experience, your sales enablement platform and CRM system can come together to make every interaction great for the buyer, too. The recommended content and just-in-time training ensures that sellers are equipped to provide buyers with tailored, personalised content that uplevels the experience. Without using the 360-degree view of the customer that CRM offers, your sales enablement tool won’t be able to recommend relevant content.

Close the Loop between Sales Leaders, Marketers, and Enablement Teams

Bringing CRM data together with data from your sales enablement platform makes it easy to understand the ROI of content by tying closed-won revenue information from your CRM together with engagement data from your enablement platform. Marrying the two allows your organisation to see influenced revenue for each piece of content, meaning sales, marketing, and enablement can stay aligned on what’s working and what needs to be optimised.

Connect CRM to Your Sales Enablement Platform Today

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