How Fiserv Achieved a Daily Adoption Rate of 85%

After incorporating Highspot into its sales processes, Fiserv instantly eliminated six big setbacks.

of sellers use Highspot daily
content findability achieved
increase in content usage


Fiserv is a leading global technology provider for banks, credit unions, securities processing organisations, and insurance companies. It’s at the heart of innovation in the finance industry and prides itself on extensive sales team training, which it gives to all new employees to ensure that they understand Fiserv’s strengths. After identifying a few key sales operations issues, Fiserv’s management was unsure how to correct them. Luckily, Highspot was able to provide a cost-effective and simple solution to the numerous issues.


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Uncategorised Content Lacking Integration and Analytics

Despite the work Fiserv had done to create and deliver sales training, its management team saw six key issues that continued to hold back its sales force. The first issue was that the company did not have a searchable repository of promotional and marketing content for its sales teams to easily access. The second was that Fiserv did not have a way to quickly describe and communicate the importance of its promotional documents to sales reps. The third was that it did not have an integration between email and relationship management systems. The fourth was that teams had no way of tracking customer behaviour after initial sales pitches were sent. The fifth was that sellers did not have connectivity between sales software to their mobile devices. The sixth was that the sales onboarding and training processes were too complicated.

Although training was extensive, there was a need to show which content categorically worked. This would potentially require a long and costly resolution involving a large-scale overhaul of its training, SaaS software, and management process.

We went through a long research process where we interviewed every single seller within the space to understand what they did on a day-to-day basis and what they thought was going to be helpful to them. From that, we were able to pull together a bunch of use cases to look internally within the company as to what solutions we had. We found there weren't any that solved those problems.
Jason Bailey Director of Marketing Programs and Innovation, Fiserv


Providing Tools That Reps Love

After gathering sales data, Fiserv’s managers asked, “Can we make our sales teams more efficient and more effective?” It was a simple question for a range of complex issues. But by simplifying the issues, the managers had prepared themselves to find a software solution that would provide the answer to their sales enablement problems.

Once it implemented Highspot, Fiserv quickly overcame its previous challenges related to analysing the sales team’s content pitching efforts. With Highspot’s ability to identify when potential customers view sales content and what sales content produces the best retention rates, Fiserv finally had data showing what content was working and what was not. Highspot’s analytics also empowered Fiserv’s management to assess seller performance and identify who needed additional training. The training process itself improved, as Fiserv could at last pinpoint the selling techniques that were making the most impact on potential customers.

Within a couple of months of implementing Highspot, numerous sellers sent Fiserv’s managers notes thanking them for bringing Highspot to Fiserv. These notes highlighted how much easier Highspot had made their jobs. With the new software proving incredibly popular and sales team members clamouring for access, Fiserv decided to expand usage of the platform to a wider group within the company.

We went through a thorough vetting process with a bunch of different vendors. Then, in the end, we went with Highspot because they had the best product in the market and they were also referred to us by the many analysts that we were talking to, as well.
Jason BaileyDirector of Marketing Programs and Innovation, Fiserv


Manageable, Mobile, and Measurable Content

With access to essential data, Fiserv has increased sales efficiency and training impact. The platform continues to exceeds expectations, with adoption skyrocketing. In fact, more than 85% of Fiserv’s sellers use Highspot on a daily basis.

Plus, Highspot’s ability to store sales content in an easily manageable and searchable repository solved Fiserv’s problem with unidentified, disorganised content. As a result, Fiserv has been able to achieve 75% content findability and has increased content usage by 30%. Its extensions and integrations also offered a way to link email with existing management software and create pitches on-the-go, effectively addressing Fiserv’s need for mobile, integrated sales workflows. Now, sellers leverage Highspot as a vital tool in their arsenal.

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