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Is Your Marketing Content Falling into a Black Hole?

Posted in:  Sales and Marketing Management, Sales Content Management

You’re looking for a file on your company’s portal or intranet. They told you that’s where it is. “Just search for it,” they said. So you’ve searched, but you couldn’t find it among the list of documents in the search results. “It’s there,” they said. Sure, it’s probably there, but you can’t find it. It’s as if your content has gone into a black hole. It’s full of Office documents, PDFs, and videos. It has engineering specs, marketing plans, sales playbooks, and maybe even human resources information. “I can’t find it,” you say. So what do you do?

First, you rant about how terrible your company portal is. Your office mates agree with you. And then you recreate the document. If this sounds like you or your company, you’re not alone. Studies have shown that sales reps spend up to 12% of their time recreating content. And that stat doesn’t include the cost in time and resources to create the document, slide deck, or video. You need a content solution with features that help marketing store and publish content and help sales close deals — and not only the basics such as search and browse, mobile access, and sharing, but also next generation features such as:

  • Document versioning and updating: Documents get versioned all of the time, but are you sure that the document you just found is the latest version? What if someone saved a version to another folder? A next-generation content solution should automatically update any copied versions of the document that has been uploaded.
  • File-sharing integration: Your company may have already implemented a file-sharing system such as Box or Dropbox. Your next portal solution should access those files without having to import them and provide search, discovery, and the other features you need.
  • CRM integration: Your sales reps do most of their work in their CRM solution such as Salesforce, and want content available there. Your portal should integrate with your CRM and provide target content to sales, where and when they need it — such as in a sales playbook.

If you have don’t have any of these features in your current portal solution, then that black hole is just eating away at your content — and your ROI. You need a solution that helps your marketing and sales teams share, identify, and discover the content that helps win deals — a solution such as Highspot!

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