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Highspot Launches New Capabilities to Increase Rigour

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Spring ‘23 release delivers AI-powered sales enablement and an unmatched system for revenue teams to drive sales productivity

SEATTLE, June 1, 2023 — Highspot, the sales enablement platform that increases sales productivity, today announced its Spring ‘23 release, bringing customers new product capabilities and service offerings that infuse sales processes with operational rigour. Major advances include: generative AI for sales enablement, enterprise-class training and coaching, and ​​services and success resources that empower revenue teams to scale what good looks like in business-to-business (B2B) selling.

The majority of sales leaders consider enablement as a practice to be mission critical and prioritise their enablement platform as a top three tool in their revenue tech stack, according to 2023 research conducted by Gerson Lehrman Group on behalf of Highspot. By combining a unified platform, a Strategic Enablement methodology, and tailored services, Highspot delivers a holistic system to equip, train, coach, and analyse sales teams to peak performance. 

“This might be the toughest selling environment in years, but amidst obstacles is opportunity,” said Robert Wahbe, CEO, Highspot. “Companies everywhere are intent on increasing efficiency, which requires running programs with rigour. With this release, we bet deeply on generative AI and sales training capabilities to help our customers do more with less and scale winning behaviours across the entire revenue team.” 

Generative AI capabilities unlock revenue team productivity

Generative AI delivers intelligence at the fingertips of revenue teams. Newly available and forthcoming generative AI capabilities improve productivity, giving teams the ability to: 

  • Generate fast and accurate transcriptions: Support accessibility standards and improve asset searchability with highly accurate, text-based interpretations of audio and video in more than 13 languages. 
  • Produce content descriptions: Instantly create descriptions for Highspot content with the click of a button, ensuring both sellers and buyers receive accurate context alongside every asset. 
  • Create a Pitch: Launching in beta this summer, sellers can create personalised email copy, expediting the time it takes to develop, edit, and personalise engagement with their buyers. 
  • Search instant answers: Launching in beta this summer, sellers can query their company’s collection of resources in Highspot to generate precise answers that appear at the top of the search results in seconds. 

Training capabilities boost seller engagement and learning outcomes 

Enterprise-class training and coaching capabilities scale best practices across the sales team, helping every salesperson become a high performer:

  • Event-Based Learning creates live training events in Highspot, boosting training engagement with blended learning experiences that combine live, virtual, instructor-led, online, and mobile learning. 
  • Advanced Management controls the delivery of sales training programs at scale with team-based and automatic enrolment to drive higher engagement from frontline sales managers. 
  • Sales Coaching uses Seller Scorecards to highlight sales certification status, as well as Rubric scoring data to show competency changes over time or establish sales competency benchmarks.
  • New Training Packages, which include resources from Force Management, add professional sales training methodology directly from the Highspot Marketplace.

“Training your selling teams well in an ever-changing market is vital to a brand’s success,” said Tracy Roach, Vice President of Education & Training, SkinCeuticals. “Highspot prepares our team with the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to excel. Leaders get insights as to why initiatives are successful or not, managers pull reports to help have targeted coaching conversations, and salespeople have education at their fingertips for themselves and their accounts. Moreover, because the training and coaching capabilities are integrated with Highspot’s content and engagement features, both sales leaders and their teams have a consistent experience to reinforce brand messaging and drive the best results possible.”

World-class services and resources help enablement teams get the most out of Highspot

Services and success resources empower customers to deepen their expertise, demonstrate enablement impact, and apply what good looks like across initiatives:

  • Strategic Enablement Success Packages offer professional services to improve enablement maturity through systematic guidance with Highspot enablement experts that help to plan, execute, and optimise key deliverables within Highspot. 
  • The Enablement Success Center is an end-to-end solution planning and health tool to guide Business Reviews. Enablement leaders can visualise usage and adoption across core use cases, compare against industry benchmarks, and determine a clear path to meet enablement goals and evolve their programs.
  • Highspot University provides a centralised learning space to learn at any pace with lessons, courses, and workshops, as well as the opportunity to connect with peers at different companies within the Highspot community.

To learn more about Highspot’s new suite of product offerings, request a demo.


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Highspot is the sales enablement platform that increases sales productivity. With Highspot, companies bring operational rigour to their sales process, preparing salespeople to drive consistent revenue growth. Customers that equip, train, and coach their revenue teams with Highspot have higher seller productivity, increased pipeline generation, and improved win rates. Highspot is headquartered in Seattle with operations across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. 

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