Best Practices for Sales Playbooks

You wouldn’t send a sports team onto the field without a strategic play – and you shouldn’t send a sales team into deals without one, either. 

Sales playbooks turn sales strategy into action. Your company may have brand positioning, but sales reps need bite-sized, practical resources in order to lead effective buyer conversations. That’s where sales playbooks come in. Sales playbooks enable reps to be more efficient and effective, making them a crucial component of any sales enablement strategy. 42% of best-in-class companies use sales playbooks (versus just 14% of laggard firms), resulting in better attainment of quota, higher rates of customer retention, and higher lead conversion rates.

This report from DSG and Highspot presents the findings of a survey sent to organisations that currently use playbooks and collects the insights into a series of best practices that answer these questions:

  • Why sales playbooks?
  • What creates the need for sales playbooks?
  • What should sales playbooks contain?
  • Who should create and validate sales playbooks?
  • How often should you update sales playbooks?
  • How should you deliver sales playbooks?
  • What makes sales playbooks user-friendly?

Answer these questions and more with survey data from 144 sales, marketing, and enablement professionals across a wide variety organisations. With the research and insights in this report, you’ll have what you need to create winning playbooks that will equip reps with the right content, tools, and training to close more deals. Download it now to learn more!

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