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Taking our customers’ success to new heights in 2024

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In 2023, we spent lots of time listening to our customers, from our customer advisory board to the thousands of 1:1 conversations we have every day within our Customer Success teams. I’ve personally had hundreds of conversations with many of you, and feel energised by the impact you’re having for your companies. Your feedback is driving both our innovation roadmap and our approach to serving you. Across all of these conversations, some key themes have emerged:

  • Highspot customers are scaling the platform to larger number of teams and functions, spanning pre-sales and post-sales, as well as channel partners
  • There’s been an explosion of Global 2000 customers that have adopted the platform
  • While we consistently achieve exceptional “net promoter scores” and customer satisfaction results, our customers are looking for even more when it comes to adoption of best practices and sales enablement maturity models

As a result of this feedback, we are deepening our investments in our customers’ success, and I wanted to share our strategy for the years ahead.

Our Mission

Our mission statement has remained consistent throughout our history: deliver breakthrough products that transform the way millions of people work. If you’re already a customer, you’ve likely heard of this mission and, if you’re considering becoming a customer, you’ll join more than 15 million users connected in the past 12 months – tangible progress toward achieving our mission.

Simultaneously, we anchored on a key principle in our approach – make every customer successful. We don’t believe in “shelf-ware” and the work we do together with our customers is just too critical.

We still have a lot to accomplish en route to building a generational enterprise software company that not only transforms the way millions work, but does so for tens of thousands of customers worldwide at vast scale, depth, and efficiency. We also have big plans for extending and deepening our investments in our customers’ success and so, as we prepare for our next fiscal year, I wanted to share our strategy for your success in the near- and long-term.

Enablement technology has become essential

At the outset of 2024, it is clear that enablement technology, like the talented, vital enablement teams who use it, has become an essential part of every successful business’ go-to-market strategy. Two recent research findings validate the category’s importance and growth:

  • Spending on sales enablement technology grew 35.7% in 2022, after growth of 19.7% in 2021, and is growing faster than sales engagement, salesforce automation, and sales performance management1
  • 65% of B2B sales decision-makers anticipate that their organisation will increase its sales enablement budget in the next 12 months2

Highspot itself is experiencing robust double-digit growth even amidst continued macroeconomic uncertainty and we’re seeing great resilience in the category as businesses worldwide prioritise enablement technology as a must-have component of their sales tech stack. And so, we believe the enablement category and Highspot are both entering an important new growth phase – one that requires complete obsession with customers’ ability to mature their enablement strategy, achieve maximum value, and drive efficient growth with enablement at the centre of their revenue engine.

Obsessed with our customers’ success

We exist because of, and for you, our customers. This means we’re always listening to you, learning from you, and injecting what we learn into our product development, your buyer and customer experience, and how we enable you to achieve tremendous value from our platform. We’re grateful that our customers have perennially recognised our services as among the best of your technology partners. We also appreciate your feedback on how we can keep raising the bar, which over the past year can be summarised in two key areas:

  • Value Realisation – Highspot’s platform has grown exponentially in its capabilities over the past few years, including most recently introducing Highspot Copilot, your Generative AI assistant within our platform, and we know you need dedicated partnership to ensure you understand, utilise, progress, and ultimately exceed your goals with our platform.
  • Implementation Excellence – Naturally, you want to succeed right out of the gate with an easy, seamless implementation process that gives you the foundation to rapidly achieve a return on investment through airtight governance, breadth and depth of feature use, and high seller adoption.

So, with this feedback driving our go-to-market strategy, we’re tuning and expanding our post-sales model.

Expanded account teams with more specialisation and investment

We unified our entire go-to-market (GTM) organisation under Graham Younger in June and have been continuing to evolve our GTM to make the most of every customer engagement. We will always look for opportunities to optimise our customer services, from streamlining processes to make working with us ever-easier, to introducing new tools, like our Enablement Success Centre, to drive measurable impact. We’re continuing this commitment by investing in our customer success function to deliver more value, with greater efficiency, bringing new, specialised roles to our customers’ Highspot teams:

  • Customer Success Managers – Customer Success managers’ job title says it all – ensure your success. Every customer has a Customer Success Manager who is your primary contact for everything you need to achieve maximum value with Highspot, from health and business reviews, to coordinating Highspot resources for your needs, and anything else necessary for you to win.
  • Implementation Managers – We want you to succeed with Highspot as fast as possible. Our customers today give us an average rating of 98% on implementation satisfaction, but we want to do even more in those crucial first steps with the Highspot platform. So, we’re specialising a number of our amazing existing Service Team Members to focus exclusively on implementations, working hand-in-hand with your Customer Success Managers and your Technical Account Managers.
  • Technical Account Managers – Finally, to provide additional capacity and flexibility, we are specialising some of our team of talented Service Team Members to Technical Account Managers. Technical Account Managers can be scaled to meet even the most complex customer organisations, and these individuals will work to ensure you can make the most of Highspot and its deep features, capabilities, and use cases. Not every customer may require this level of depth, so you’ll be able to choose what’s best for you.

Along with these new roles, every customer will continue to have an Account Manager, who will help you navigate tech consolidation edicts, understand the best Highspot investment for you, compare various tool decisions, and, ultimately, exceed your return on investment expectations for Highspot. We will also continue to offer a wide range of Professional Services, helping customers implement the unique projects that they need to win in the marketplace.

Inventing a bright future for Enablement

Together, we’ve made enablement the practice and technology essential. We are, and always will be, striving to transform the way millions of people work. These new investments in our customers’ success are designed to help you achieve maximum value from Highspot – and fuel a bright future for enablement.

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