Falcon.io Combines Content and Social Selling

With Highspot, the social media platform provider masters sales content management for faster sales and improved content performance.

Key Results
  • Accelerated platform uptake and usage rates
  • Improved sales process with Salesforce and Gmail integrations
  • Upgraded every aspect of sales enablement
  • Increased alignment of priorities across sales and marketing
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Challenge: Fragmented and Inconsistent Content Library

Falcon.io offers an integrated SaaS platform for social media listening, engagement, publishing, and management of customer data. But the company was struggling to make its own sales content work effectively in support of the business.

Sales content was scattered, lacked consistency, and was hard to find. It required too much time and energy for sellers to look through volumes of existing content in search of the assets they needed.

Often they went ahead and customized content on their own when they couldn’t find what they were seeking. This frequently resulted in content being sent out that was off-brand and off-message.

Falcon.io recognized the need for a comprehensive approach to sales enablement that would encompass sales training, content development, content management, and analytics. Tighter control of brand and messaging was an important goal for the company.

Time efficiency is one of the biggest wins when working with Highspot. Sales does not need the marketing team to create customized presentations anymore, as everything is collected in the Highspot database. We have a plan in place of how often we need to optimize these assets, which ensures that sales always has access updated assets.
Frederik Krogtoft, Marketing Campaign Executive, Falcon.io
Frederik Krogtoft
Solution: Highspot Provides Necessary Features and Integrations

Falcon.io considered multiple sales enablement solutions, and even weighed the possibility of developing its own custom solution. After thoroughly vetting a number of vendors, the company decided to implement Highspot.

Several factors made Highspot the right solution. Falcon.io was looking for a sales enablement platform that provided advanced search capabilities, in-depth analytics, and the ability to better manage content customization. Platform integrations with Salesforce.com and Gmail were also key elements in the decision.

The Falcon.io team knew that quick adoption was essential to guarantee success and rapid time to value, so they built their implementation plan around that goal.

By appointing a training champion from each of their sales teams, Falcon.io was able to consolidate their sales enablement assets and processes on a single platform in just a few short weeks.

The search function is really awesome. We have such a broad portfolio of clients and often get very specific requests. Now they can just jump in and search for what they need without involving anyone else.

Mikel Plaehn, Director of Growth Marketing, Falcon.io
Mikel Plaehn
Results: A Single Platform for All Sales Enablement Assets

With the Highspot implementation, Falcon.io was able to successfully overhaul the sales content experience. Highspot has had a positive effect on nearly every aspect of Falcon.io’s sales enablement approach. Sales reps more easily find and pitch content now that all content is organized in a single, searchable resource. Multiple departments are seeing benefits thanks to AI-powered content search, content remixing, content customization, pitching, and analytics. Falcon.io’s sellers now waste less time looking for content, which has freed up more time on primary sales activities.

Highspot’s Gmail plugin and Salesforce integrations added significant value for Falcon.io. These features have made it easy for reps to access Highspot from the systems where they spend most of their time. By increasing the simplicity and ease of the interface for its sellers, Falcon.io has seen improved adoption and an impressive return on its sales enablement investments.

The ability to measure and access content analytics across platforms has also helped Falcon.io accurately pinpoint their biggest content challenges and opportunities. Asset consumption rates make it clear which content to refresh first and highlight the content requiring wholesale changes. This is helping marketers make more strategic decisions while increasing the consistency of the company’s message and identity.

Highspot has had a positive effect on nearly every aspect of Falcon.io’s sales enablement approach.

Also important, marketing and sales are benefitting from tighter alignment and shared priorities. Both departments have gained insights on content performance and can collaborate on how to improve it. Because sales reps are using the content that marketing has created, there is greater brand consistency across all assets.

With Highspot, sales enablement at Falcon.io now works proactively on a wider range of goals, including content management, customer engagement, performance measurement, and more.

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