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Using the Highspot platform, the company makes big gains in efficiency, pitches more effectively, and closes more sales. logo

Key Results

  • Sellers save an estimated 3 hours per week searching for content
  • 95% month-to-month sales force adoption and usage rates
  • All types of content flexibly organized in a single, effective resource
  • Sales conversion rates improve significantly year over year

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Challenge: Content Library Can't Keep Up with Demand

BookingSuite, a division of, helps partners grow their businesses and brands through innovative cloud-based software and services. With more than 200,000 customers and 3,000 sales reps, the company needed a more effective way to organize and update sales and customer-facing content.

The BookingSuite marketing team was working to create hundreds of pieces of content in support of sales efforts and was continually refining existing content. But as the number of content pieces grew, the content library couldn’t keep up with the demand, and sellers found themselves spending hours looking for the right content.

The sales team wanted to find a simpler, easier way to share content with prospects and get real-time alerts on prospect engagement. With the right platform, sales could foster more effective interactions with prospects and increase demo-to-subscription conversion rates.

The company needed a more effective way to organize and update sales and customer-facing content.

Marketing, on the other hand, needed to understand what content sales was using and pitching to drive revenue. Both marketing and sales wanted to know which content worked best to drive the business forward.

Ayca Yuksel
Quotation Mark

As our sales operations expands to support our rapid business growth, our content creation has exploded. Our organization remains dedicated to measuring success and using metrics to improve performance. Highspot has the best analytics for measuring performance in sales enablement, largely because of Content Genomics. And that has enabled us to measure what’s being used, what’s engaging customers and what’s being modified in the field in order to drive better results.

Ayca Yuksel
Director of Global Marketing and Communications,

Solution: Intuitive Search and Pitching with Highspot

BookingSuite adopted Highspot as their end-to-end sales enablement platform and were able to roll out its easy-to-use interface in a single training session. With Highspot, BookingSuite effectively organized all needed content in one place. This included marketing content, sales content, and content for other customer-facing roles, such as services and customer support. A solid integration with makes all content accessible directly in Salesforce as well as in Highspot. Highspot’s robust AI capabilities make suggestions for relevant content directly in the Salesforce workflow, tailored to the unique characteristics of each Opportunity.

The sales team quickly adopted Highspot’s intuitive pitching framework as well, switching from Clearslide to Highspot to present slides and demo their software online.

Cameron Steele
Quotation Mark

My sales teams really like Highspot’s pitching framework. That it’s intuitive to use made training and adoption very easy, and the modern design is a great experience for our customers. The Pitch Dashboard gives my teams daily actionable insights into which prospects have opened pitches and which content they’ve viewed, providing a more informed and effective follow-up conversation.

Cameron Steele
Head of Commercial Operations,

Results: Increased Sales Conversion Rates

After a single training session to roll out Highspot to the worldwide sales force, reps began to quickly find the needed content and effectively pitch it to their prospects. Adoption rates have been consistently high, with over 95% of reps using the platform each month.

The platform’s usability also creates real-time savings for sellers. Sales reps have cut the time they spend searching for content, saving an estimated 3 hours per user per week. The shared worldwide platform means that marketing can push version updates to all users, and reps can be assured they they are using the most up-to-date content.

Sales reps have cut the time they spend searching for content, saving an estimated 3 hours per user per week.

Sales reps are also engaging with customers more effectively because they get instant alerts when a customer opens, downloads, or views an email or piece of content. Sales managers can analyze pitch activity and content usage to understand what their highest performing sellers are doing. This information allows them to coach the entire sales team with best practices and improve everyone’s performance. Intelligent content recommendations add to pitch quality and accuracy and bolster productivity gains. As a result of these improvements, sales conversion rates are up significantly year over year.

The marketing team has also enjoyed significant benefits. Highspot creates transparency into content use, so that they now understand which content sales is using more and which content is most effectively engaging the customer. This allows marketing to understand how well content is performing and fine tune to improve content effectiveness.

The Highspot solution has empowered both sales and marketing teams at BookingSuite to create better, more effective sales practices and get clear insight into content performance. Now that they know what works and where to find it, BookingSuite can concentrate on continuing to grow their business and trust that Highspot will scale right alongside them.

Reps Love Highspot
Reps Love Highspot
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