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State of Sales Enablement 2019

Updated for 2021: State of Sales Enablement 2021

Sales enablement is gaining widespread adoption as more organizations are realizing its impact on sales effectiveness. More than 79% of this year’s survey respondents have a sales enablement process or practice in place, or plan on implementing one this year — representing 20% year-over-year growth from last year’s survey. As sales enablement grows in popularity, organizations are beginning to take a more structured approach to sales enablement implementation by putting tools, people, and process frameworks in place to ensure its success.

It is clear that sales enablement has become table stakes for effective, modern sales — but it requires thoughtful planning and coordinated implementation to succeed. This year’s State of Sales Enablement report from Sales Enablement Pro underscores the importance of commitment, formalization, and maturity in building an effective sales enablement strategy.

state of sales enablement 2019

The State of Sales Enablement 2019 report provides unique insights on the following topics:

  • Sales enablement adoption
  • Sales enablement drivers
  • Sales enablement maturity
  • Common challenges, such as sales and marketing misalignment
  • Sales enablement goals and scope
  • Org structure of sales enablement functions
  • Business impact of sales enablement

Get a pulse on the sales enablement industry and discover critical findings and best practices by downloading the State of Sales Enablement 2019 report today.

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