Outlook Integration

Microsoft Outlook is on the short list of programs that sales reps rely upon every day. Highspot’s deep integration with Outlook provides more options than ever before for staying connected and efficient.

Users are now able to retain all of the powerful functionality of Highspot email with the convenience of Outlook.  With Highspot, sales reps can:

  • Receive alerts when recipients open, download, or share content
  • Better manage their conversations through activity dashboards and in-depth analytics on customer engagement
  • Send email from their company email address
  • Receive replies directly to their email inbox

This Outlook integration is just another example of Highspot’s commitment to improving sales performance by providing better ways to engage with customers and search, select, edit, and pitch sales content. Watch the following Highspot in Action video to see the Outlook integration on the Highspot platform.

With the enhanced email functionality offered through Highspot, sales reps can drive more timely and informed conversations with customers by providing insight into when emailed content was opened, read, downloaded, and shared, and which pages of any document were viewed the longest. Today, users of Highspot can choose between the convenience of sending content directly from Highspot’s sales content management system or their corporate email client with Highspot’s Outlook add-in. These updates make sales reps more effective and efficient — saving time instead for selling and increasing revenue.

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