Language Support

Worldwide sales organizations no longer need to spend valuable time filtering their content by language. With a single setting in the Highspot platform, reps can automatically segment the content available to them and remain focused on their top priority. This update builds upon Highspot’s support for language-specific, full-content semantic search and makes it easy for teams to find the content they need.

Automatic language filtering is available for all content on Highspot and leverages our sophisticated machine learning algorithms for 20 of the world’s most common languages, including English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and more.

The ability to filter search and browsing results by language, now via a global setting, simplifies document management, streamlines content access, and helps sales organizations quickly view content matching the preferences of their customers. This is made possible by machine learning, which automatically detects the language within a given document, enabling more efficient content management without the need for tags.

The following Highspot in Action video illustrates language support on the Highspot platform, including our latest update.

Language support can be implemented in seconds via each user’s Settings options.

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