Concur (, a part of SAP, keeps companies moving by offering integrated cloud-based services that optimize business travel, expense and invoice management. By linking data, applications and people, Concur delivers an effortless experience and total visibility into spending wherever and whenever it happens. Founded in 1993 on the premise of helping drive cost out of businesses through innovation, Concur’s services are trusted by over 20,000 clients around the globe with over 25 million users. Trusted by businesses of all sizes in more than 100 countries, Concur’s on-demand services process over $50 billion in T&E spend a year – equal to roughly 10 percent of the world’s T&E spend. Concur has over 4,600 employees with more than 2000 in the field organization.



Quincy Smith from ConcurQuincy Smith
Content Marketing Manager for Enterprise Americas

“We’re focusing more and more on the Buyer’s Journey, but we had very little ability to target buyers with the most effective content at each stage of the sales cycle … The field teams love Highspot and they’re so glad that we now have a centralized tool.”


Amber Stauffer from ConcurAmber Stauffer
Senior Manager of Pre-Sales Operations and Solutions Consulting Enablement

“We make sure that sales teams are aware of new features and functionality. One of the key parts of our job is to make them smart — and keep them smart … Highspot’s analytics will help us align even better. That’s the next step.”




Sales enablement at Concur isn’t just about demand generation and lead hand-offs mid-funnel, it goes all the way through to the sale. “Our job is to make sales personnel smart, and keep them smart.”

Content is the foundation on which sales reps engage with prospects. Concur had tried numerous ways to organize their 1000’s of pieces of sales content. It ended up being distributed across a number of repositories, including the content tab in, a SharePoint Portal, and Box.

Sales teams were not finding the content they needed, resulting in wasted time and less effective sales conversations. Some reps were using slides that were years old, and many reps created their own content to fill the gap, creating inconsistent messaging to customers. Neither sales, nor marketing, could measure what was useful or not, making it very difficult to improve the situation.



Concur chose the Highspot sales enablement solution for its machine learning, flexible content organization, and a modern design that is easy-to-use and drives fast user adoption.

Highspot’s machine learning technology powers unique capabilities like full semantic search with intelligent results, content scoring, and content targeting that highlights the best content based on the buyer profile and sales stage. Machine learning-based scoring and targeting eliminates the need for tagging content—a manual and time consuming process to maintain across 1000’s of content pieces.

Highspot’s user interface was a key differentiator for Concur. Its intuitive design and navigation made it easy to use and helped drive high adoption rates.

Based on Concur’s initial pilot, Highspot was very well received. In a post-pilot survey, 90% of reps indicated that Highspot would significantly help them get their jobs done.



With the world-wide rollout complete for the Enterprise team, adoption is consistently high, with 95% of sales reps using the platform each month. Concur estimates that reps save 4 hours a week finding content. With over 1000 reps, this adds up to significant savings.

For content publishers, having all the content in a single repository greatly simplifies management, tracking, version control and content mapping to the buyer lifecycle.

It is now much easier for people to find the content they need — when they need it. Field teams can organize the content specific to their needs, while leveraging the powerful search and targeting capabilities to learn about new content.

And, because Concur only allows the final versions of documents to be uploaded into Highspot, the field teams trust that what they see is the latest and greatest.

With the content pipeline and delivery gaps fixed, content teams can now focus on improving content quality. Teams now measure what is being used and what is being pitched by the different sales teams. Over time, as the teams dive deeper into analytics on sales effectiveness, customer engagement, and influenced revenue, Highspot’s value will increase from not only saving time and improving sales force efficiency, to “driving real advances in sales effectiveness.”


Concur Headquarters


  • Sales content was scattered across multiple repositories, including, a Sharepoint Portal and Box
  • Reps were often unable to find the content they needed
  • Some of the sellers were using content that was badly out of date (up to 7 years old), while others created their own, resulting in a “garbled” message to customers
  • Publishers had no insight into content usage or effectiveness


  • All content is now consolidated in Highspot and organized for sales
  • Accessible from both Web and
  • Highspot’s user interface is intuitive and easy to use, driving fast adoption and sales efficiency
  • Machine learning technology powers recommendations and scoring, without the need for tagging


  • Content is now easy to find, saving an estimated 4 hours per week per person
  • Since only approved content is in Highspot, the field teams trust what they see is the latest and greatest
  • Sales rep feedback is very positive, with 90% of reps satisfied or very satisfied with the Highspot solution
  • Adoption is consistently high, with 95% of sales reps using the platform each month
  • Sales enablement and content publishing teams can measure content usage, content age, customer engagement, and impact on sales

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