Power BI Integration

Leading sales teams are relying upon data to drive content strategy and conversions.  With new 3rd party BI integration capabilities, Highspot is bringing deeper insights to business leaders by enabling the combination of sales data with other company data.  

The catalyst is Highspot’s BI Kit™, which permits sales data to be seamlessly imported into 3rd party BI solutions and data warehouses and combined with data sets from other teams, such as finance, HR, and operations. This ability to include sales, content, and customer engagement data from the Highspot platform with other company data will provide business leaders with valuable insights to improve sales and go-to-market performance.

Our most recent integration is with Microsoft Power BI.  The combination of Power BI and Highspot will provide 360-degree perspective into content performance and its impact on business goals.  This will allow sales teams to monitor results and optimize effectiveness as never before.

The following Highspot in Action video illustrates how Power BI integrates with Highspot and the analytics advantages this combination delivers. 

Highspot BI Kit™ can be used to import data into any system and works with a broad range of BI platforms including Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Sisense, and Domo.  

The best way to understand the power of Highspot is to start using it.

  • Connect sales to the most effective content
  • Present to customers and track engagement
  • Optimize content and sales pitches

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