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Coach Reps to Repeatable Success

Steer sellers to consistent results with coaching that accelerates performance.

Highspot gives sales reps the opportunity to get personalized coaching or learn from peers in an integrated platform that fits with their workflow.

Coach in Context

Use Highspot to host practice pitches—a useful tool for both the seller pitching and their peers watching the recording.

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Identify coachable moments before reps engage with customers using embedded video in the context of training

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Highspot supports video, audio, and web links so practice pitches can come in many forms

Built-in evaluations make it easy to track progress and help managers become more effective coaches

Amplify Best Practices

Drive more consistent performance—understand what works, then highlight it for the whole organization to use.

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Use Analytics to identify top pitches or archive ones that aren’t working, right from the report

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Use SmartPageTM technology to surface the highest-rated and most popular pitches

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Reps can self-serve top-performing content, proven successful in past opportunities, to refine their approach

Leverage Integrations

Add even more power to your coaching capabilities with Highspot’s 70+ technology integrations.

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Associate content and coaching to closed-won deals in CRM to track the revenue impact of your full enablement efforts

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Automatically notify reps of new coaching feedback by connecting to Slack

Highspot works in CRM, email, and social so reps can receive coaching and stay focused on the task at hand

The flexibility and adaptability of training and coaching are some of the areas I really love. It has drastically changed how we support our client-facing teams.
Alex Whisenhunt, Manager, Revenue Enablement, Dialpad
Alex Whisenhunt

Improve rep performance with coaching that drives change