Webinar: Using In-Context Training to Improve Sales Results

Thursday, June 08th 2017

Today’s on-the-go sales reps are busier than ever. Technology has inadvertently raised expectations on a rep’s ability to multi-task and deliver a high velocity of deals, which can make it difficult to stay on top of their game in order to succeed. Once-a-quarter training and process improvement isn’t enough-reps need access to continual, real-time, in-context training, content, and guidance to perform their best.

With modern sales enablement training methodologies, you can arm your reps with what they need to better engage prospects and close more deals, faster. Join this session to learn the business benefits of aligning content and training to the sales process to deliver the information and instruction sales reps need, when they need it.

Key takeaways:

  • Discover how to apply in-context sales enablement for guided selling, playbooks, customer-facing content, and training/sales rep development.
  • Learn how to apply what you learn through a specific framework for mapping content to the context of sales.
  • Understand what to look for in a solution to ensure in-context and real-time engagement efforts are possible.
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