Webinar: How Modern Sales Enablement Increases Sales Effectiveness

Thursday, July 07th 2016

Once-a-quarter training isn’t enough to keep sales reps on top of their game. People remember training when it is reinforced regularly and in context of where it should be applied. Sales reps are more likely to review and adopt training and content that’s bite-sized and relevant for the current selling moment. Aberdeen Group studies have shown that sales teams that follow this practice have an 85 percent quota attainment—three times more than those that don’t.With modern sales enablement methodologies, you can arm your reps with in-context and just-in-time training, content, and best practices they need to better engage prospects and close more deals, faster. Join us in this webcast to learn:

  • How to apply in-context sales enablement for guided selling, playbooks, customer-facing content, and training
  • A specific framework for mapping content to the context of sales
  • What customer engagement intel is most effective in increasing deal-velocity solutions to support in-context and real-time engagement efforts
  • The business benefits of alignment of content and training to the sales process.
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