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Webinar: Content – Your Ticket to High-Performing ABM

June 22, 2017 at 10AM PT

The B2B sales cycle has evolved dramatically in recent years, as technology has led the way to a buyer’s journey that is increasingly personalized, content-led, and self-directed. With a less interruptive, more consultative role in the selling cycle, marketers and sales reps need to rely on creative approaches to turn selling fundamentals into modern action plans—and that’s where account-based marketing and sales enablement come in.  

“Account-based marketing is a mindset shift to focus on larger accounts. Sales enablement is a piece of it and right now it’s a hot topic within the context of ABM because marketers realize they can’t do it alone.” –Charlie Liang, Engagio  

ABM and Sale Enablement are natural partners because their purposes are in lockstep with the desired sales outcome: more closed deals. For example, ABM fills the sales pipeline, where sales enablement moves leaders through the funnel and helps close the deal.

Join this webinar to learn how to use ABM and sales enablement together to:

  • Align sales and marketing to improve ROI, drive higher average selling prices, and higher conversion rates
  • Optimize the value of content and customer engagements with in-context training and materials
  • Deliver individualized communications with highly-targeted content and then easily analyze what works and what doesn’t with real-time, actionable insights

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