SiriusDecisions Webinar: Five Secrets to Enabling Your Super-Tenured Sellers

March 8, 2018 at 10:00 AM PT

“I’ve been selling a long time – just leave me alone and let me make my number.”

If you’ve ever heard this from one of your longer-tenured sales reps, you’re familiar with the frustrating resistance to change that sometimes hampers sales enablement’s efforts to improve overall sales effectiveness.

Join this webinar with SiriusDecisions’ Peter Ostrow to learn how high-performing organizations create win-win-win outcomes for their most experienced sellers, for their buyers, and for their bottom line:

  • Who are super-tenured sellers? When should we keep them around or cut them loose?
  • Is there a way to quantify their experience?
  • In a rapidly changing environment, how do we get their buy-in for something new?

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Peter Ostrow
Research Director, SiriusDecisions
Peter capitalizes on 20+ years of revenue growth leadership in sales enablement, sales talent management, and operational expertise. Finding a better, faster way to help b-to-b sales teams beat quota drives just about every topic, company, rep, and channel partner he engages.

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