Advanced Content Analytics

Saturday, October 01st 2022

Highspot Analytics Webinar

Analytics are the key to performance optimization. Real-time feedback on what is working empowers us to improve message quality, creative, channel and offers to quickly improve the outcome. Without accurate performance analytics, we’d be back in the Mad Men era of creating content and launching campaigns into a black hole with no idea if they worked.

And yet, most marketers and sales enablement professionals have no real ability to measure whether sales reps are using their content, how often it is being used, how effectively the content engages the customer, which customers, and whether the content has any impact on sales.

Join this live 30-minute webinar to learn eight core analytics necessary to measure sales content performance, how they should be used and the business benefit of each. Sales team usage Customer engagement Content maintenance Content alignment to sales stages and segments Impact on sales conversions Impact on revenue Content modification tracking and performance

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