DSG & Highspot Webinar: Best Practices for Sales Playbooks

November 8, 2018 at 10:00 AM PT

Today’s buyers demand value and insight from sales reps. This means that the modern seller needs to shift from selling products to selling solutions. The key to helping sales reps reach buyers more effectively starts with a modern sales playbook.

According to DSG & Highspot’s Best Practices for Sales Playbooks, 46% of respondents feel that there are good digital platforms available for building playbooks, and a modern, digital sales playbook can help enablement teams push updates to reps and refresh content on a regular basis. Join DSG & Highspot for a webinar on how to:

    • Provide sales reps with valuable content, tools, and training that help influence the customer buying process.
    • Deliver a digital, accessible sales playbook on any device for the modern and mobile sales rep.
    • Easily integrate your playbook with your CRM so reps can access everything they need in one place.
    • Provide reps with the content they need at their buyer’s current stage in the buying process.

This webinar will go over the foundation for an effective, modern sales playbook, so your sales reps can effectively reach your buyer in today’s selling environment.

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