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Find out everything you need to know about sales plays to increase your sales team’s effectiveness.

Download this new sales enablement guide to find out how to turn enablement strategy into action.

Learn how to overcome your content chaos and uplevel your content marketing with this essential guide to content management.

Get insights from a first-of-its-kind neuroscience study to learn how B2B professionals react to virtual, hybrid, phone, and in-person sales presentations.

Learn how you can take practical steps in moving your company toward digital selling that drives results.

Find out how COVID-19 and virtual work have changed the marketing landscape in this episode of the Win-Win podcast featuring Robert Rose from The Content Advisory.

Learn about best practices for training a remote workforce from Shamis Thomson at Hootsuite in episode 2 of the Win-Win podcast.

In this inaugural episode of the Win-Win podcast, dive into changing trends in the workplace and learn how to navigate them successfully.

How do sales leaders create teams that consistently perform and drive revenue growth? Sales strategy expert, Scott Edinger and Andy Champion, General Manager of Highspot EMEA answer this question and more in this episode.

Hybrid vs. virtual sales meetings: which do buyers prefer? Learn the answer to this question and more in this report from Corporate Visions, the result of a brain science study with 140+ participants from B2B companies.

Get the data you need to optimise your sales enablement efforts and drive impact across your sales team with insights collected from more than 350 enablement professionals.

Find out what an effective content governance strategy looks like and how to overcome common challenges with Highspot’s best-in-class content governance implementation tools.

View this on-demand webinar with leaders at Slack and Highspot to learn how to run a sales kickoff that makes an impact and drives business outcomes year-round.

Set up your sales enablement organisation for success in the next year with these best practices from leaders at Forrester, Baker Communications, PK, and Highspot.

Ensure your SKO sets up sellers for success with the resources in this toolkit, including helpful tips, checklists, and a comprehensive guide.

Know the five trends that will shape your sales enablement priorities going into the next year in this actionable report from Forrester Decisions (formerly SiriusDecisions).

Discover the top four best practices to align content to both buyers and sellers in this report from Forrester.

With the Highspot Marketplace, bring industry-leading methodology, training, and best practices to the enablement platform that reps love.

Gartner explains why sales enablement platforms are a must-have tool to support sales organisations with content, training, and coaching in its latest market guide for 2021.

Download the Sales Enablement Maturity Report to find out what enablement areas to invest in, develop, and prioritise.

With Highspot, you will experience enterprise-class security throughout our environment that we continually enhance based on industry best practices. Read more in this overview.

In this report from Forrester, find out how the five “Ps” of sales can accelerate your future revenue growth.

Gain a new framework to shape your marketing strategy and optimise your marketing function with the insights in this report from Forrester.

Learn from marketing leaders at Rollworks, Intellimize, Pathfactory, and Highspot about how to leverage AI to generate greater ROI on marketing campaigns.

Identify the best routes to achieving your marketing goals with this webinar, which presents findings from a survey of more than 100 marketers’ marketing challenges over the past year.

Discover the best practices of high-performing businesses in this report summarising the insights of nearly 400 enablement, sales, and marketing professionals.

Watch our spring product launch webcast to learn how our new platform features will improve your sales teams.

Find out how Highspot can help you design, deploy, measure, and optimise sales plays with Play Scorecards.

Get the keys to turbocharge your revenue engine and unlock higher rep attainment, stronger employee engagement, and repeatable revenue growth for your business.

Get a visual guide to building and measuring effective sales plays for three of the most common strategic initiatives with Highspot’s Plays and Play Scorecards in this eBook.

Discover the top sales playbooks to improve sales performance, which sales play metrics to measure, and how to turn those insights into sales excellence with this eBook.

Watch this webinar with Outreach and Madrona Ventures to learn how to modernise your go-to-market strategies with sales enablement and sales engagement platforms.

Find out what tech is a must-have to drive consistent sales performance and accelerated revenue growth.

Discover the latest sales training trends with new ATD research featuring insights and best practices from enablement, sales, and talent professionals.

Hear from Brainshark, Corporate Visions, and Highspot about the challenges and opportunities facing sales enablement leaders today.

Find out what the top challenges for marketers were in 2020 and how you can overcome them in 2021.

In the findings from this survey of 350 professionals, discover the impact of sales enablement across three important areas of the revenue organisation: performance, proficiency, and productivity. 

Watch this on-demand webinar moderated by Forrester’s Mike Pregler and featuring the CEO of ValueSelling Associates and Highspot’s VP of Sales to learn how sales leaders are adapting to shifting buyer needs and economic uncertainty.

Learn where sales leaders should focus their efforts in 2021 with this Forrester | SiriusDecisions research report.

Watch this quick video to find out why Highspot organises content in intuitive Spots™ instead of cumbersome files and folders.

Download the report to learn how leaders at high-growth organisations are building and expanding sales enablement functions in the coming year.

See how Highspot can help you change rep behaviour, drive business outcomes, and easily create courses and lessons for your onboarding and ongoing trainings.

Discover how CEOs from Challenger, Richardson Sales Performance, and Highspot are navigating this time of uncertainty and planning for 2021.

Start planning for your SKO now with the five essential elements you need to create a foundation for sales success.

Download our Definitive Guide to Training and Coaching and learn how to help your team consistently master winning behaviours.

Get five recommendations from SiriusDecisions to prepare and enable your customer-facing teams to be successful in the coming year.

Discover why traditional onboarding is broken and how modern onboarding propels sales effectiveness in this eBook.

Set your sales team up for success with these timely learnings on pivoting to virtual enablement from Highspot’s sales enablement experts.

Find out where your organisation falls in terms of sales enablement maturity and gain focus areas to invest in, develop, and prioritise as budgets get determined for the upcoming year.

In this guide from Gartner, get a third-party look at the current offerings in the sales enablement industry and recommendations on how to evaluate vendors.

Discover how to transform your sales strategies and optimise your revenue teams to meet the needs of current and future buyers in this report from Forrester.

Ensure your sellers have the tools, skills, and messaging they need to effectively engage buyers during every interaction with the insights in this report.

Get insights from the latest State of Sales Enablement report in this on-demand webinar featuring Highspot’s CMO and SurveyMonkey’s Director of Sales Enablement.

Arm your sales team for success today and in the future with the insights from this on-demand webinar featuring Mary Shea, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and other prominent sales training leaders.

Gain insights collected from surveying sales enablement leaders worldwide to learn how the sales enablement industry is evolving and how businesses are adapting to the health and economic challenges of COVID-19.

Find out how to use data-informed insights to improve marketing content performance and drive ROI.

Watch this on-demand webinar with SiriusDecisions’ Peter Ostrow and Steve Hallowell, former enablement leader at MuleSoft and Snowflake, and discover how revenue enablement can turn your company’s initiatives into positive business results.

Download the latest research from SiriusDecisions to learn how your company can provide enablement for all customer-facing roles and lay the foundation for continued customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention.

Learn how marketers can empower revenue teams by creating content and guidance that drive real business impact in this on-demand webinar.

Highspot CMO Jon Perera and Senior Director of Corporate Marketing Lucas Welch discuss why and how companies must adopt new pillars of marketing success to succeed.

Learn how you can take practical steps in moving your company toward digital selling that drives results.

Find out how high-performing organisations approach sales asset management and learn how to give your team the right resources at the right time.

Gain a guidance framework that elevates customer conversations and turns business strategy into clear actions for your revenue team.

Get tips from DSG and Highspot on how to improve adoption and usage of sales playbooks at your organisation.

SiriusDecisions and Highspot review best practices for sales asset management, talent management and communications, and trends that will shape the enablement function in the year ahead.

Make sure your 2020 sales enablement strategy is ahead of the curve with the comprehensive insights in the 2019 Gartner Market Guide for Sales Engagement Platforms.

Learn how sales enablement leaders measure sales enablement success with this report from Sales Enablement PRO and the Sales Enablement Society.

Get actionable steps on how to use content mapping and auditing to evolve your content strategy with this eBook and content heatmap template.

Discover the six planning assumptions and best practices that should drive your sales enablement strategy in 2020 in this report from SiriusDecisions.

Clari, Highspot, and SalesLoft review the five most common data challenges along the buyer’s journey and share tips on how you can overcome and resolve them.

In the Fifth Annual Sales Enablement Study, CSO Insights and Highspot share how organisations are driving business impact across their organisations to all customer-facing teams with sales enablement.

Learn how to identify the most important behaviours of top-performing reps and spread successful processes and content across your sales organisation.

SiriusDecisions and Highspot discuss why improving sales effectiveness should be a top priority for all sales leaders who want to meet their revenue goals.

Watch this on-demand webinar about the 2019 State of Sales Enablement report and learn what 2019 has in store for sales enablement professionals.

Get key tips and tricks to replicate successful behaviours, processes, and content across your entire sales organisation in this webinar.

Learn about why traditional onboarding is broken and how modern onboarding equips sellers to succeed today. This eBook has the insights and steps you need to set up an effective sales onboarding program that ramps up, trains, and retains reps.

Read this SiriusDecisions research brief to learn how to set up your sales team for success by following these steps to thaw the “frozen middle” and turn your “B” sales reps into “A” sellers.

Watch a quick video overview to see how Highspot provides the right guidance and the right content at the right time, every time.

Get a pulse on the sales enablement industry and discover unique insights and best practices in the State of Sales Enablement 2019 report.

Does your organisation struggle to keep its marketing and sales teams aligned? Learn how life sciences organisations can fix the misalignment between sales and marketing teams in this eBook.

Download 5 Best Practices to Engage the Modern Buyer today and get your sales reps ready to better engage buyers and increase win rates.

Discover how to develop a framework for communicating with your sales team that will keep reps informed, prepared, and focused on the goals that matter.

Get started with your sales enablement comparison process by reviewing this Highspot vs. Showpad report, which is based on real user reviews from G2 Crowd.

Get started with your sales enablement comparison process by reviewing this Highspot vs. Seismic report, which is based on user reviews from G2 Crowd.

Learn how typical sales training processes have become outdated and gain best practices on how to create modern, streamlined sales training that better equips sellers to win and keep winning with this whitepaper.

Guided selling can make your sellers’ jobs a lot easier and your sales enablement efforts a lot more effective. This Guide to Guided Selling gets you started with the top best practices.

Whether or not you already have a content management strategy, your marketers and sellers will benefit from these content mapping, curating, and measuring best practices.

Download this complimentary Gartner report to understand key offerings and make sound investment decisions when choosing a sales content management vendor.

What to include, when to update, how to deliver: this report’s data and insights will answer all questions about how to create sales playbooks that score.

In this on-demand webinar from SMA and Highspot, learn how to support modern sellers in personalising their engagements with sales enablement.

In this on-demand webinar from SMA and Highspot, learn how to leverage content and deploy sales enablement to set your sellers apart and win over buyers.

Learn battle-tested techniques to connect your sales process to the buyer’s journey and see measurable results.

Join Peter Ostrow, Research Director at SiriusDecisions, for this in-depth webinar and learn the must-dos when it comes to searching for and selecting a sales asset management system.

Download this SiriusDecisions research brief for research, recommendations, and inspiration on how to improve your sales enablement strategy and planning in 2019.

Discover four key secrets that you must know in order to create winning sellers with the research and insights in this eBook.

Today’s buyers are more independent, more informed, and more demanding than ever before. Download this eBook to equip your sellers to win over today’s modern buyer. 

Framework illustrating the range of responsibilities for sales enablement and ways to optimise sales rep productivity.

Guidelines and actionable tips on how to supercharge your playbook to stand out in today’s competitive market.

The 2018 State of Sales Enablement report is a window into how companies are using their sales enablement processes to boost conversion and increase revenue.

Gartner’s recent report evaluates 19 digital content management providers for must-have sales enablement features.

Read what industry leaders had to say about sales enablement, from staffing to technology to ongoing measurement and KPIs.

Strategic insights and practical tips on managing, customising, sharing, and analysing targeted content to support ABM.

Nearly 600 B2B sales enablement, sales, and marketing leaders weighed in on the top priorities and biggest challenges in State of Sales Enablement.

Learn how to provide clarity around sales enablement role definition to responsibilities, strategies, and tactics.

What’s the best way to help your sales reps be more productive? Get them a sales enablement solution they love.

Analysis report from an industry survey on sales enablement adoption, best practices and results.

Learn perspectives on optimisation and leadership techniques, plus thoughts on the future of sales enablement.

Discover how sales enablement processes and technology help inside sales drive faster conversions and higher revenue.

Find out how Highspot supports the most complete Salesforce integration in the sales enablement industry to help reps connect to the most effective content.

Get an overview of Highspot’s advanced search capabilities in this Highspot in Action video.

In this video, discover how Highspot lets you easily and flexibly share content with your prospects with its advanced email pitch capabilities.

Learn more about Highspot’s breakthrough approach to sales enablement in this short video.

Drive faster sales through more efficient and effective sales enablement with the best practices in this guide.

Learn best practices for content mapping, training, platform adoption, and how to maintain high performance.

See how Highspot’s analytics empower your teams to optimise your sales process, maximize marketing investment, and better engage buyers.

This Core Strategy Report dives into detailed recommendations for choosing, implementing, designing and managing a sales asset management solution.

Real-world strategies and tactics for optimising your sales enablement platform and turning it into a competitive advantage.

A proven approach toward successful technology deployment and adoption helps sales reps work smarter and close deals more effectively than ever before.

Getting started with sales enablement technology, teams, and processes.

The Sales Enablement Practitioner Survey reports on budget trends, best practices and benefits seen on conversion rates.

Learn how to use sales enablement to transform your organisation’s sales performance with SiriusDecisions’ new “Enablement to Revenue” model.

Watch a walkthrough of language support on the Highspot platform, including our latest update: automatic language filtering.

Find out how how best-in-class organisations are leveraging sales enablement technologies and best practices to turn content into revenue.

Explore the powerful combination of Highspot and Microsoft Outlook for emailing pitches and tracking performance.

Download this eBook to ensure that you get off to a great start with your sales enablement strategy.

The sales asset management SiriusView report provides an evaluation of the capabilities of 12 sales enablement vendors.

Learn how best-in-class organisations are pioneering new winning methods in sales enablement.

Learn what you need for successful sales content by way of delivery, alignment, and metrics.

Learn how best-in-class organisations create 200% revenue growth over average companies.

Understand the true costs and outputs of internal content creation.

Analysis report on the 2015 industry survey on sales enablement adoption, best practices and results.

Everything you need to know about sales enablement.

This video illustrates how Highspot allows reps to browse and filter to find the most effective sales content for any situation.

Watch this video to see how Highspot’s live pitch capabilities help sales reps easily share content in conversations with their prospects.

Discover how Highspot’s seamless integration with Microsoft Office Online helps sales reps have effective conversations with their prospects.

This tool will help you and your team evaluate sales enablement platforms.

Use this simple survey to gauge the alignment between your marketing and sales teams.

The industry definitive guide to sales content performance.

Delivering a great sales pitch is both an art and science. Set yourself up with this checklist.

Learn about the four building blocks of a sales enablement platform.

Content Genomics allows marketers to answer the fundamental question: “How do I know what’s working?”

Learn about the six essential elements for delivering effective sales pitches.