Enable and Motivate Channel Partners to Drive Your Business

As channel ecosystems grow increasingly complex, what are you doing to equip your partners to drive business and stand out from your competition?

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A Single, Centralised Solution

Support channel partners in the same powerful solution as your direct sellers to streamline content management and drive unified market messaging.

a single, centralised solution

Relevant Channel Content and Guidance

Turn channel strategy into action by enabling your partners with targeted content and guidance to make any selling scenario a breeze.

relevant channel content and guidance

Configurable, Secure Content Access

Configurable access controls mean that you can customise exactly what each partner type or tier can see or can’t see. Save time and ensure content security by granting your partners Highspot access with personalised login credentials.

configurable, secure content access

Customisation Made Easy

Partners can customise and co-brand assets with simple inline editing using Office 365, G Suite, or iWork, and by Remixing different content types from multiple sources.

customisation made easy

Visibility, without Gaps

Optimise investment and up-level channel strategy with insight into what content your channel partners are using, how it’s being customised, and how it’s driving sales velocity.

visibility, without gaps
Modernise Traditional Selling
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