Revenue Enablement vs. The Status Quo

Why adopt a revenue enablement platform now?

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Focused Sellers, Higher Revenue

Your reps spend 10+ hours a week searching for customer-ready material when content is scattered or lost in silos. An integrated platform reduces those hours to minutes and helps sellers deliver a 35% improvement in quota achievement.

focused sellers, higher revenue

Higher Win Rates with Today's Demanding Customers

Prospects do most of their research before they ever speak to your reps. They demand expertise, insights, and value from your revenue team. The right platform delivers AI-driven guidance, insights, and content that result in 
13% higher win rates.

higher win rates with today

Buyers expect the salesperson to have more data at their fingertips, to bring it up real time, and to have a good understanding of the data that involves the customer.

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65% of marketing content never gets used
Better Marketing ROI
The sad fact is that most of your great marketing content never gets used. The right platform gives you visibility and control over all of your investments and delivers a 300%+ increase in content usage by reps, with analytics to continually optimise performance.

Virtual Training and Coaching That Sticks

Keeping a dispersed sales force trained and ready for a rapidly changing marketplace can be the key to success. Today’s revenue enablement platform builds on analytics to deliver a new class of virtual training and video coaching that improves retention and generates pipeline up to 15 times faster.

virtual training and coaching that sticks

Outpacing the Competition

Sales enablement is rapidly maturing. Point solutions and standalone features are no longer good enough. Of the nearly two-thirds of North American companies using enablement today, the leaders are seeing win rates jump by up to 13%. The secret? An integrated revenue enablement platform that delivers the Content, Guidance, Training, and Engagement into the tools reps love most.

outpacing the competition
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