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Highspot Hot Shots: Matt McClendon, President of DSG

In our fast-paced world where modern-day buyers are more demanding than ever, sales enablement comes to play a crucial role in sellers’ success. But there’s more to it than that. Not only do companies need the right sales enablement solution — they need the right approach.

This is one reason why we’re excited to share insights and advice from Matt McClendon, President of DSG, as part of our Highspot “Hot Shots” series. Matt has a passion for creating sales-friendly playbooks and helping clients provide their sales channels with the content, tools, and training required to lead compelling customer conversations. DSG has provided professional services, creative services, and enablement tools to hundreds of B2B companies and more than 100,000 salespeople.

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Highspot Hot Shots: Mike Kunkle, Sales Enablement Leader

Highspot Sales Enablement Hot Shots: Mike Kunkle

Sales enablement has become mission-critical to businesses. As part of the Highspot “Hot Shots” series, today we’ll hear insights from Mike Kunkle, a highly respected sales transformation architect and internationally recognized sales training and sales enablement expert. He has spent 24 years as a corporate leader and consultant, helping companies drive dramatic revenue growth through his best-in-class learning strategies and effective sales transformation methodologies. Today, Mike is the VP of Sales Transformation Services for Fast Lane Digital (a new division of Fast Lane Consulting & Education Services) and founder of Transforming Sales Results, LLC.

What do you see as the most critical aspect of sales enablement and why?

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Highspot Hot Shots: Ben Cotton, Sales Enablement Leader at HubSpot

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When sales enablement is evolving and growing as fast as it is, it’s helpful to hear how others approach it, and where sales enablement is going next. Today we begin a new blog series highlighting the expertise of “hot shots” of the sales enablement world. We asked questions of Ben Cotton, a thought leader who leads EMEA sales enablement for HubSpot out of Dublin, Ireland. He works at the intersection of sales and marketing and uses deal support, content, data and education to help HubSpot’s sales organization succeed. Ben is passionate about building sales and marketing alignment, as well as helping businesses create predictable recurring revenue.

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Highspot Luminaries: Nancy Nardin

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Every industry has its thought leaders, experts with perspective that’s simultaneously broad and deep.  At Highspot, we call them Luminaries.  Today we’re sharing the second in a series of conversations with these sales enablement stars.

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Sales Enablement Luminary Series: 8 Keys to Sales Enablement Success

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When it comes to marketing in today’s go-go-go, always-on, like-worthy, re-tweetable, deeply digital world, there are people who get it, and those who don’t.

Matt Heinz gets it. And he’s really good at helping other people get it too.

Today, we have a treat for you. I was able to interview Matt recently about what it takes go get more out of sales enablement—especially for those just starting down the path of rolling out a solution—and I think you’ll find a lot of value in what he had to say.

Without further ado, here’s Matt!

What do most organizations miss when it comes to setting up sales enablement?
Well, a key theme that emerges when you start talking to people about this topic is that they don’t realize sales enablement is more than just creating content. Achieving sales enablement success is about having the right conversations, developing the right stories, and creating the right message for the right prospects. It’s more than just writing up more sales content like case studies or datasheets and tossing them over the fence to sales. It requires the successful rollout, implementation, and measurement which tactics and content devices work and don’t work, so that the next prospect gets a slightly better version of the material than the previous one and so that sales always has the best materials for the situation.
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