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Successful Sales Communication Strategy in 6 Steps

sales communication strategy

ABC: The motivational sales shorthand for “Always Be Closing” might as well also stand for “Always Be Communicating,” because sales runs on communication. From opening pitch to closing deal, effective communication supports every step in the buyer’s journey and provides a critical link between sellers and internal teams such as marketing.

But sales communication can be a double-edged sword. While its importance in providing sales with critical connections is undeniable, it has the potential to overwhelm or distract sellers from their goals if there is no strategy guiding it. Quality, not quantity, is the key for sales leaders looking to create effective sales communication strategies for their teams. After all, sending more email updates won’t make your sales team any more informed if they aren’t finding the content relevant, valuable, or easily accessible. The guiding goal of any successful sales communication strategy should be to provide salespeople with the right information, in the right place, and at the right time.

Read on for the who, what, when, where, how, and why of developing a sales communication strategy. With these best practices, you’ll have a framework for communicating with your sales team that will keep them informed, prepared, and focused on the goals that matter.

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Peer-to-Peer Relationships: Inside Sales and Field Sales

peer-to-peer relationships in sales

When we talk about modern-day sales cycles, we hear about a lot of challenges. Nearly every sales rep will tell you that the sales cycle is getting increasingly complex. With the continuous advent of new technology, leadership teams have more visibility and insight into how effective their current business operations are. Because of this, there are now multiple stakeholders, all of whom want a voice in why and how to improve their current processes.

So, what does this mean for sales organizations? As an account development representative, I talk every day with people who are experiencing these kinds of challenges — and I also am part of a team that is selling into this increasingly complex world. Let’s take a closer look at how peer-to-peer relationships within sales organizations can make a tremendous, positive impact on modern sales cycles.

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Sales Communications Features Launch in the November Release

sales communication features

Sales teams are bombarded with new information all of the time: new products, new features, new promos, new content. It can be hard to know what to prioritize. The latest release of the Highspot sales enablement platform is designed to help marketing and sales cut through the noise and share information, content — and content updates — with ease. Let’s take a look at two of the key features of this release.

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3 Things the Marketing Team Can Teach Sales Reps

3 things the marketing team can teach sales reps for improved marketing and sales alignment

This post is a follow up to our recent 3 Things Sales Reps Can Teach the Marketing Team and continues to reinforce a core theme around sales and marketing alignment.  Different functional groups with different incentives and reporting structures are ripe for miscommunication and incorrect assumptions.  Creating a common denominator based on shared purpose and an integrated view of the customer lifecycle from contact to close goes a long way towards creating and keeping alignment between sales and marketing.Continue reading article ›

3 Things Sales Reps Can Teach the Marketing Team

3 things sales reps can teach the marketing team for improved sales and marketing alignment

Communication can make or break an organization, and having a direct line between the marketing team and sales representatives is essential to truly understand customer needs. Beyond hearing the “voice of the customer,” having sales and marketing alignment helps to constantly refine and improve message, content, and programs focused on customer acquisition.

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Agenda for the Next Meeting Between Your CMO and VP Sales

Build marketing and sales alignment with this agenda

It doesn’t matter if you are a sales or marketing professional — to truly do your job correctly, there must be constant communication and alignment between the sales and marketing groups.

This can easily get out of whack as these two functional groups are compensated differently and have, at times, conflicting objectives.  According the Corporate Executive Board, 87% of the terms sales and marketing use to describe each other are negative.

The best way to proactively address any friction and increase overall organization performance is a routine meeting between the executive in charge of each group — the CMO and Vice President of Sales.Continue reading article ›