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7 Steps to Getting Started with Sales Enablement

7 Steps to Getting Started with Sales Enablement_Blog-Banner-Image_1200x734px

Last week, we talked a bit about the struggle between sales and marketing surrounding content marketing. It’s nothing new, and it’s also no secret that sales and marketing don’t always see eye-to-eye.

No matter the side of the fence on which you reside, this is one of those internal battles with no winner. Both sides lose – as does the company they represent – when revenue opportunities are lost due to miscommunication and finger-pointing.

But, there is a fix.

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Five Traits of Great Sales Leaders

five traits of great sales leaders

Sales success is measured by revenue and closed deals but what does it take to get there?  What kinds of people are needed to do the heavy lifting of prospecting, advocating, and facilitating the buyer’s journey?  Great sales leaders are able to motivate their teams while producing measurable results that help grow the business and the following five traits are essential to their success:

1.  Be Visible This is about being a visible and “present” leader to your team internally and positioning yourself externally as knowledgeable about the customer’s challenges and the solutions to address them. Continue reading article ›

A Sales Qualification Framework for Any Business

sales qualification framework

Building out and deploying a proper sales qualification framework is an essential component for both sales and marketing alignment as well as operating an efficient customer acquisition engine.

All leads are not created equally and all sales inquiries are not worthy of sales pursuit.  The activity of selling is not near as important as the accomplishment – closed deals at attractive economics.  If it costs too much to close a customer or they don’t stick around because of mismatched expectations related to the product or service sold then your sales funnel and customer acquisition efforts are performing below the minimum threshold.Continue reading article ›

3 Ways to Accelerate Sales Pipeline Performance

accelerate sales pipeline performance

Building and maintaining a high-performance customer acquisition engine is top of the list for every company. How you identify, attract, convert, and retain new customers is a constantly changing puzzle that is a top priority for sales and marketing professionals.

To accelerate sales pipeline performance in an effort to achieve this customer acquisition nirvana requires three related but different building blocks.

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5 Keys to a Great Sales Pitch

5 keys to a great sales pitch

Building a great sales pitch is both an art and a science. Sales and marketing professionals work very hard to get to the right person with the right message and have them agree to take time out of their increasingly busy day to hear what they have to say.

With all of that effort and such a small window of opportunity, delivering a great sales pitch is essential.

So many times, sales calls are bad experiences for both the sales professional and the prospect. Proper qualification long before getting to a person-to-person discussion goes a long way to avoid mismatched expectations or the dreaded “not the right person” realization. Using poor communication tools or slide-sharing systems only exacerbates the problem and takes precious time out of the agreed-upon amount for the meeting. Salespeople must not just focus on having meetings and delivering sales pitches to show they are doing their jobs, but be laser-focused on the quality of the interactions and the results produced.Continue reading article ›

How Great Salespeople Earn the Next Step

how great salespeople earn the next step

Great salespeople understand that their success or failure is based on their ability to get to the next step in the sales process as a goal of each interaction.

Focusing on the “desired end state” of the opportunity as a goal of each meeting keeps a discipline in place to always focus on forward progress. That progress is dependent upon the prospect granting you the next step in the process. Great salespeople know that they must earn the next step through their focus on the prospect’s needs and how they are uniquely positioned to address them.

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Set Your Sales Pitch Apart by Asking Informed Questions

set your sales pitch apart

Although a standard part of any sales pitch, asking thoughtful questions that highlight knowledge of the problem and solution is both rare and differentiating.

Great salespeople ask a lot of questions and spend a great deal of time listening to the answers they receive. This not only helps to further qualify the prospect but serves to better position the offering as each piece of additional information adds context to the discussion.

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Focus on Customer Need and Desired Outcome in Your Next Sales Pitch

customer need and desired outcome in sales pitching

This is all about focusing on the “why” of the equation vs. the “how.”

There will be plenty of time to get into the details on how a product or service satisfies the need, but spend some time understanding the problem being addressed and the specific outcome the prospect is seeking.

Elevating the conversation to this level establishes a common ground for the conversation and an approach to itemize all the things that would define success.

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The Buyer’s Journey Matters More Than Your Sales Process

buyer journey

Now, more than ever, prospects have collected information and been influenced by factors beyond the seller’s control well before your first sales conversation.

The marketing department should have done its job to surround the prospect with good and worthwhile information ranging from content relevant to them to publicly available case studies and customer reviews. If this is lacking, be prepared to play catch-up in the first sales conversation — if it gets that far. Understand and appreciate the concept of the “buyer’s journey” which, simply put, is the set of steps and decisions a prospect goes through to become a customer.

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A Better Way to Prepare for Your Next Sales Call

how to prepare for your next sales call

It cannot be said enough that proper preparation influences the outcome of any meeting.  

This is even more important in a sales meeting.  There is a very short amount of time to make a proper impression as an individual.  Up until this point, most of the prospect’s interactions have been with marketing efforts or perhaps an email exchange or two with a salesperson to coordinate a time to speak directly. Everyone has worked so hard to get to this moment so why squander it without a bit of preparation on the industry, company, and person?  

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