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How Great Salespeople Earn the Next Step

how great salespeople earn the next step

Great salespeople understand that their success or failure is based on their ability to get to the next step in the sales process as a goal of each interaction.

Focusing on the “desired end state” of the opportunity as a goal of each meeting keeps a discipline in place to always focus on forward progress. That progress is dependent upon the prospect granting you the next step in the process. Great salespeople know that they must earn the next step through their focus on the prospect’s needs and how they are uniquely positioned to address them.

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Set Your Sales Pitch Apart by Asking Informed Questions

set your sales pitch apart

Although a standard part of any sales pitch, asking thoughtful questions that highlight knowledge of the problem and solution is both rare and differentiating.

Great salespeople ask a lot of questions and spend a great deal of time listening to the answers they receive. This not only helps to further qualify the prospect but serves to better position the offering as each piece of additional information adds context to the discussion.

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Focus on Customer Need and Desired Outcome in Your Next Sales Pitch

customer need and desired outcome in sales pitching

This is all about focusing on the “why” of the equation vs. the “how.”

There will be plenty of time to get into the details on how a product or service satisfies the need, but spend some time understanding the problem being addressed and the specific outcome the prospect is seeking.

Elevating the conversation to this level establishes a common ground for the conversation and an approach to itemize all the things that would define success.

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The Buyer’s Journey Matters More Than Your Sales Process

buyer journey

Now, more than ever, prospects have collected information and been influenced by factors beyond the seller’s control well before your first sales conversation.

The marketing department should have done its job to surround the prospect with good and worthwhile information ranging from content relevant to them to publicly available case studies and customer reviews. If this is lacking, be prepared to play catch-up in the first sales conversation — if it gets that far. Understand and appreciate the concept of the “buyer’s journey” which, simply put, is the set of steps and decisions a prospect goes through to become a customer.

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A Better Way to Prepare for Your Next Sales Call

how to prepare for your next sales call

It cannot be said enough that proper preparation influences the outcome of any meeting.  

This is even more important in a sales meeting.  There is a very short amount of time to make a proper impression as an individual.  Up until this point, most of the prospect’s interactions have been with marketing efforts or perhaps an email exchange or two with a salesperson to coordinate a time to speak directly. Everyone has worked so hard to get to this moment so why squander it without a bit of preparation on the industry, company, and person?  

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Engage More Effectively With Your Customers

effective customer engagement

Engagement is the lifeblood of the sales conversation — an indifferent customer is a deal waiting to fail. And in our hyper-informed age, you can’t deeply engage your customer without content. Every interaction with customers involves content and more content — pitch decks, whitepapers, case studies, and on and on. To meet the insatiable need, marketing teams are churning out a sea of material. Sales teams are overwhelmed by it all and feel like they are drowning … but still don’t have exactly what they need.

Everyone knows that their content isn’t moving the sales process forward as effectively as it should, but nobody is sure exactly why or how. We have met with many, many customers to understand how they use content to drive sales. Virtually all of them complain about three problems that constantly hold them back from closing more deals.

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