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Empower Your Field with Customizable Sales Content

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As a marketer, I’d like to think that the content I produce for sales is always 100% spot-on and customer-ready… that every word on the page or graphic in the PowerPoint presentation is perfect as-is. After all, marketing knows the customer, knows the product and knows what is best for sales, right? Therefore, sales will take what my team provides and use it verbatim, right?


First of all, we don’t always get it right. But regardless of “right or wrong,” any sales rep who wants to meet their numbers is going to take the standard sales presentation and enhance it to customize for their customer. Continue reading article ›

Sales Enablement Luminary Series: 8 Keys to Sales Enablement Success

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When it comes to marketing in today’s go-go-go, always-on, like-worthy, re-tweetable, deeply digital world, there are people who get it, and those who don’t.

Matt Heinz gets it. And he’s really good at helping other people get it too.

Today, we have a treat for you. I was able to interview Matt recently about what it takes go get more out of sales enablement—especially for those just starting down the path of rolling out a solution—and I think you’ll find a lot of value in what he had to say.

Without further ado, here’s Matt!

What do most organizations miss when it comes to setting up sales enablement?
Well, a key theme that emerges when you start talking to people about this topic is that they don’t realize sales enablement is more than just creating content. Achieving sales enablement success is about having the right conversations, developing the right stories, and creating the right message for the right prospects. It’s more than just writing up more sales content like case studies or datasheets and tossing them over the fence to sales. It requires the successful rollout, implementation, and measurement which tactics and content devices work and don’t work, so that the next prospect gets a slightly better version of the material than the previous one and so that sales always has the best materials for the situation.
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Make the Most of Your SKO: Be More Successful with Sales Enablement Efforts in 2016

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You never know unless you ask…

This sentiment is true in all facets of life, whether managing personal relationships or business relationships, you just never know what people need or want unless you simply ask.

Think back to a time when you were certain you knew how someone felt about a particular topic or problem. You just knew you knew their opinion. Maybe it was a negotiation with a colleague, maybe with a friend or spouse, but you were sure you knew their opinion. Until you heard it. And it turned out to be completely different from what you thought.
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Five Key Sales Enablement Takeaways from 2015

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It sounds cliché, but it’s hard to believe that the year is almost over! 2015 has been full of unexpected twists and turns for many organizations, and when it comes to sales enablement, it’s been a year of unprecedented growth. At the beginning of 2015, data suggested that less than 15% of the market had a formal sales enablement initiative. Recent surveys, including our State of Sales Enablement report, indicate that 30% of enterprise and mid-market organizations have a formal sales enablement team and nearly 30% plan to initiate one in 2016.

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Introducing “The Definitive Guide to Sales Enablement”

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Based on our discussions with prospects, buyers at trade shows, and industry experts, there is still a lot of confusion about “What is Sales Enablement?

As a 20-year practitioner of marketing, and some times sales leader, I have done sales enablement (little ‘s’, little ‘e’) in some capacity in every company throughout my career. But in the last 5 years it has become increasingly common for companies to have dedicated teams with the title of “Sales Enablement” or “Sales Readiness.” And in that same time, the emergence of a clear marketing technology segment has arisen.

Regardless of whether there is a dedicated team or it is a shared responsibility, sales enablement bridges the divide between marketing and sales. It provides marketing a platform to publish and analyze the effectiveness of their content. It enables sales enablement to monitor sales readiness. And it empowers sales reps to find the most effective content, share it with prospects, and get real-time alerts on customer engagement.

We wrote “The Definitive Guide to Sales Enablement” to help clarify the confusion about the space and give interested parties a foundation from which to drive improvements, adopt best practices and assess tools. The ROI for sales enablement is compelling. On average 65% of content goes unused, representing a $2M waste for the average mid-sized company. On the Continue reading article ›

Does Your Organization Consider Soft Costs When Measuring Content ROI?

measuring content roi

As marketers, we often unintentionally discount work done in-house to research, develop, and distribute sales enablement materials. After all, creating content to empower sales to talk to customers and close deals is just part of the job, right?

To a certain extent, yes, that is definitely true, but lurking in the shadows is something that is often overlooked when determining the true cost and ROI of marketing materials: soft costs stemming from the internal manpower required to produce our one-sheets, PowerPoint decks, case studies, and sales training content. Here’s a secret — a big portion of these hidden expenses comes from product managers, who spent up to half of their time working on marketing content but usually do not have direct reporting status into marketing.

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7 Steps to Getting Started with Sales Enablement

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Last week, we talked a bit about the struggle between sales and marketing surrounding content marketing. It’s nothing new, and it’s also no secret that sales and marketing don’t always see eye-to-eye.

No matter the side of the fence on which you reside, this is one of those internal battles with no winner. Both sides lose – as does the company they represent – when revenue opportunities are lost due to miscommunication and finger-pointing.

But, there is a fix.

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Five Traits of Great Sales Leaders

five traits of great sales leaders

Sales success is measured by revenue and closed deals but what does it take to get there?  What kinds of people are needed to do the heavy lifting of prospecting, advocating, and facilitating the buyer’s journey?  Great sales leaders are able to motivate their teams while producing measurable results that help grow the business and the following five traits are essential to their success:

1.  Be Visible This is about being a visible and “present” leader to your team internally and positioning yourself externally as knowledgeable about the customer’s challenges and the solutions to address them. Continue reading article ›

A Sales Qualification Framework for Any Business

sales qualification framework

Building out and deploying a proper sales qualification framework is an essential component for both sales and marketing alignment as well as operating an efficient customer acquisition engine.

All leads are not created equally and all sales inquiries are not worthy of sales pursuit.  The activity of selling is not near as important as the accomplishment – closed deals at attractive economics.  If it costs too much to close a customer or they don’t stick around because of mismatched expectations related to the product or service sold then your sales funnel and customer acquisition efforts are performing below the minimum threshold.Continue reading article ›

3 Ways to Accelerate Sales Pipeline Performance

accelerate sales pipeline performance

Building and maintaining a high-performance customer acquisition engine is top of the list for every company. How you identify, attract, convert, and retain new customers is a constantly changing puzzle that is a top priority for sales and marketing professionals.

To accelerate sales pipeline performance in an effort to achieve this customer acquisition nirvana requires three related but different building blocks.

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