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Seamless Pitching Provides Best-in-Class Online Sales Presentations

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Recently, Highspot pushed another set of product updates live with a slew of great features and usability enhancements. Innovation and product advancement happen pretty quickly around here, so we don’t always announce product updates, but this time, we thought these great features warranted a special shout out.

Highspot Live Pitch Seamless Screen Share

We’re constantly working to make our online pitching capability the best it can be and the best user experience on the market. We understand that our software is a window to your prospect and that an impressive, error-free user experience can help Sales close the deal.

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Highspot Partners with Box to Build Better Enterprise Apps for Sales Enablement

Highspot Partners with Box to Build Better Enterprise Apps for Sales Enablement_Blog-Banner-Image_1200x734px

Both Box and Highspot published press releases today announcing formal partnership and greater integration of our products.

Highspot’s press release

Box’s press release

We’re excited to work with Box as a company that shares some of our core product philosophy. Box is growing like mad and expanding aggressively into the enterprise. Enterprise customers are waking up to the benefits of adopting “new age,” consumer-inspired, cloud applications as a way to improve their business performance.

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September Release Adds Scored Content to Salesforce.com and More

scored content in salesforce

We are very excited to share the details around our latest release building upon the foundation of our August release that transformed sales portals and playbooks. We’ve added some improvements to how we display and prioritize content as well as adding an awesome new content score to Salesforce.com so the best content to close deals is intelligently prioritized for sales reps and presented in their workflow. We’ve also enhanced our Box integration with better versioning. We are continuing to add to and enhance our content automation platform, so stay tuned for more great news!

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Welcome to Highspot

welcome to highspot

After two years of talking to potential customers and furiously building a product, we are thrilled to unveil Highspot, a cloud knowledge management service that helps organizations capture, share, and cultivate their most valuable working knowledge.

The inspiration for Highspot came from our collective frustration that our previous organizations had the potential to be much more effective if they “only knew what they knew.” The information existed to make the organizations smarter, but it simply wasn’t available to the people who needed it when they needed it. Some of this vital working knowledge was formal, such as documents and presentations about a new product launch, while other knowledge was more informal such as the fruits of hard-won experience. But regardless of whether formal or informal, most organizations really struggle to capture, share, and cultivate the collective working knowledge of the organization.

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