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How to Map, Audit, and Optimize Content Along the Buyer’s Journey

how to map, audit, and optimize content along the buyer's journey

When traveling somewhere new, most of us rely on apps like Google Maps to discover the best route to take. These apps also alert us of obstacles we may not have foreseen, even during trips we know like the back of our hand. Similarly, the concept of mapping is essential to effective content and product marketing strategies.

Each stage in the buyer’s journey should be considered a milestone on the trip to becoming a customer. To get more buyers successfully to their destination, marketers must first understand what content is working at each stage and compelling prospects to continue moving forward.

That’s where mapping content comes into play.

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Opportunities for AI in Your Sales Tech Stack

sales ai

Artificial intelligence is the next big thing for sales. Sales leaders know it, but many aren’t sure what to do with sales AI yet.

A recent MIT survey found that 85% of executives believe that AI will give their companies a competitive advantage, yet only about 20% have incorporated AI into their business.

Although hype is building around the potential of sales AI, business leaders are struggling to find a starting place.

If you’re a sales leader looking to give your team an edge over the competition, these six opportunities will give you the guidance you need to begin using AI to streamline your sales processes.

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Monitoring Sales Enablement Platform Effectiveness

One of the biggest advantages of companies with successful sales enablement strategies is their ability to maintain focus.  From content mapping through launch and optimization, they’re clear on why they invested, where they’re going, who is involved, and the steps required to reach their goals.  Today we’ll share a framework for how they do it, courtesy of the Highspot services team.  Continue reading article ›

Resolve the Marketing and Sales Content Dispute

resolve marketing sales content dispute

When it comes to sales and marketing types, they want to like each other. In fact, in my experience, they want to love each other! After all, sales and marketing work towards a common goal — generating more revenue. But the fact remains that as long as sales relies on marketing to help close deals, and marketing relies on sales to get the company message out, there’s bound to be conflict.

Failure to Communicate

Sales wants very specific, personalized content that they can find at a moment’s notice. Marketing feels that they publish volumes of content (and they do — but 65% of it can’t be found), and they’re sensitive to changing content because it changes the company message. In the end, we have two mission-critical groups with a common goal — but different ways of getting there — and mounting frustration.

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Transform Your Business: Best Practices in Sales Enablement Volume 3

There’s an art and a science to driving sales performance.  The best sales enablement pros know the difference and how to employ both to their advantage.  By using best practices, they’re able to make a bigger impact on sales and marketing than ever before.

Today we’re launching the third and final volume of our best practices guides.  Like others in the series, Best Practices in Sales Enablement Volume 3: Transform Your Business showcases leading techniques for positioning and optimizing sales enablement investments.  It shares high-level concepts and proven real-world experiences, all while looking ahead to what’s next. Continue reading article ›

Deconstructing Sales Enablement ROI

deconstructing sales enablement roi

In any new project or technology, one business metric stands above all others: ROI. It is the ultimate measure of whether or not value is created. Today, we’re illustrating an example of how a modern sales enablement platform generates superior return on Iivestment against performance targets we’ve found highly attainable.

The following infographic, Deconstructing Sales Enablement ROI, showcases the two primary lenses through which customers evaluate their investment: sales efficiency and sales effectiveness. It also lists assumptions based on real-world customer experiences, starting with Highspot’s industry-leading usage rate.

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Turn Your Content into a Reliable Revenue Driver


What if every time your marketing team produced a piece of content, you knew its inherent value? If every one-sheet, whitepaper, presentation, and infographic was so measurable you knew if it worked or didn’t? Imagine the productivity improvements and bottom-line impact (not to mention employee satisfaction) that could result in such progress.

In a recent post on the SiriusDecisions blog, Sharon Little explains how using revenue as a north star for content production can transform an organization’s quality and performance of sales content. She argues that this approach saves time, minimizes production of unnecessary content, and creates more value for both customers and the sales team.

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Aberdeen Research Finds “Sales Enablement is a Must Have”

Aberdeen research finds “Sales Enablement is a Must Have”_Blog-Banner-Image_1200x734px

A new research report just surfaced from Aberdeen Group confirms what we at Highspot have known all along: Best-in-class organizations view sales enablement as a must-have.

Aberdeen’s research shows that best-in-class organizations have:

  • 99% overall team quota attainment – 62% higher than average companies
  • 75% reps achieving quota – 50% higher than average companies
  • 13% year-over-year revenue growth – 205% higher than average companies
  • 3% reduction is sales cycle time – 725% better than average companies

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Does Your Organization Consider Soft Costs When Measuring Content ROI?

measuring content roi

As marketers, we often unintentionally discount work done in-house to research, develop, and distribute sales enablement materials. After all, creating content to empower sales to talk to customers and close deals is just part of the job, right?

To a certain extent, yes, that is definitely true, but lurking in the shadows is something that is often overlooked when determining the true cost and ROI of marketing materials: soft costs stemming from the internal manpower required to produce our one-sheets, PowerPoint decks, case studies, and sales training content. Here’s a secret — a big portion of these hidden expenses comes from product managers, who spent up to half of their time working on marketing content but usually do not have direct reporting status into marketing.

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Content Is King … Or Is It?

Content Is King. ....Or is it?_Blog-Banner-Image_1200x734px

Almost 20 years ago, a tech industry luminary proclaimed with confidence that “content is king.”

The luminary’s name is, of course, Bill Gates, and he was spot-on. Gates spoke of a world in which the sheer breadth of information available on the internet would be the factor that made it compelling. He noted that “those who succeed will propel the internet forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and products — a marketplace of content.”[1]

While Mr. Gates was talking specifically about monetizing the internet, the idea of content leading the charge when it comes to all aspects of marketing has made its way into the lexicon in an undeniable way.

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