Author: Robert Wahbe

Robert Wahbe

Defining the Next Frontier for Customer Experience

defining the next frontier for customer experience

The last mile of the customer journey is critical — it’s the final stretch that decides if a deal is won or lost and if a relationship is forged or broken. The deciding factor at this critical juncture is simple — conversation.

Human-to-human conversation creates a connection and is the cornerstone of customer experience. And today, when you can get anything with the click of a button, experience is a key differentiator.

Every business-to-business company faces the challenge of delivering incredible customer experiences. Solving the challenge begins with people-centricity. At Highspot, putting people first is in our core. It’s why our sales enablement platform is the highest user-rated technology in our category. It’s why hundreds of companies use our platform to have compelling conversations that lead to lasting relationships. And, today, it’s why we’ve reached another important milestone — we’ve closed our $60 million Series D.

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Powerful Ways to Create a Company Culture that Works

Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” I think company culture is similar. Culture is not just what it looks like and feels like, but how it works in a way that supports, inspires, and stretches people to do their best work.

Our leadership team actively discusses how we can continue to construct a culture that not only feels good, but works to help people get their jobs done. We’ve made good progress, which recently was recognized with a clean sweep of the 2018 Comparably Awards. The final data set was compiled from nearly 10 million ratings across 50,000 U.S. companies on Highspot earned recognition in the following categories: Best Company Culture, Best Company for Women, Best Company for Diversity, and Best CEO.

As gratifying as it is to be recognized, it does not mean that the work is over. It is simply fuel for the fire that drives us to constantly improve.

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What Teaches Us About Sales Enablement

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Amazon is incredible at helping you find the right product among its catalog of 200 million items.   

Within minutes Amazon will have you looking at relevant products, reading reviews, getting recommendations, and seeing related items.

Your sales enablement platform should perform the same magic.

So how does Amazon do it?  There are four foundational capabilities that work together to produce the magic of Amazon. As the saying goes, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. Start removing one or more of these capabilities and the results quickly break down.Continue reading article ›

Sales Enablement Top 3 Myths

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The sales enablement space is white hot with an incredible amount of interest and investment by customers, analysts, venture capital, and vendors. Ultimately this is good for customers as there is significant ROI for sales enablement tools and software.

With so many vendors flooding into the space there is also a lot of hype that customers need to sift through. And depending on the particulars of their solution, vendors too often present self-serving advice on the best path to success.

These myths fall in to the “tell customers what they want to hear” category but unfortunately will lead to failed projects. You need to decide for yourself and do a thorough evaluation to choose the right sales enablement tools and software to meet your business. 

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Welcome to Highspot

welcome to highspot

After two years of talking to potential customers and furiously building a product, we are thrilled to unveil Highspot, a cloud knowledge management service that helps organizations capture, share, and cultivate their most valuable working knowledge.

The inspiration for Highspot came from our collective frustration that our previous organizations had the potential to be much more effective if they “only knew what they knew.” The information existed to make the organizations smarter, but it simply wasn’t available to the people who needed it when they needed it. Some of this vital working knowledge was formal, such as documents and presentations about a new product launch, while other knowledge was more informal such as the fruits of hard-won experience. But regardless of whether formal or informal, most organizations really struggle to capture, share, and cultivate the collective working knowledge of the organization.

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