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Olivia Long

Olivia Long is a communications manager for the account development team at Highspot, focusing on internal communications and programs to drive cross-functional alignment and visibility. She’s lived in Seattle for seven years and has killed every plant she’s ever owned.

Personas for Marketing & Sales Alignment

In a customer-first world, alignment on buyer personas has never been more vital. They are key in gaining our target buyer’s attention and staying focused on their needs. Being strategic with creating buyer personas gives us a better chance of nurturing the prospect from buyer to customer, and I believe the key to this is through aligning content to the buyer’s journey.

Most companies know the importance of buyer personas and have ingrained them into their go-to-market strategy, but the problem is they don’t know how to use them. Even more troublesome, they don’t have the correct content to present to each of their buyer personas and there’s no way to serve content to the persona at the right stage of their journey.

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