Author: Nima Abtahi

Nima Abtahi

Nima Abtahi works as a sales enablement strategist with Highspot, helping marketing and sales teams collaborate to ensure sales organizations have easy access to the content and tools they need to be successful. Nima uses his free time to experiment in the kitchen and avidly follow soccer around the world, generally doing both simultaneously.

Peer-to-Peer Relationships: Inside Sales and Field Sales

peer-to-peer relationships in sales

When we talk about modern-day sales cycles, we hear about a lot of challenges. Nearly every sales rep will tell you that the sales cycle is getting increasingly complex. With the continuous advent of new technology, leadership teams have more visibility and insight into how effective their current business operations are. Because of this, there are now multiple stakeholders, all of whom want a voice in why and how to improve their current processes.

So, what does this mean for sales organizations? As an account development representative, I talk every day with people who are experiencing these kinds of challenges — and I also am part of a team that is selling into this increasingly complex world. Let’s take a closer look at how peer-to-peer relationships within sales organizations can make a tremendous, positive impact on modern sales cycles.

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