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High-performing sales organizations quickly adjust to the buying environment of their customers and the dynamic needs of their business.  Now more than ever, they rely upon data to accomplish their goals. With new 3rd party BI integration capabilities, Highspot is bringing deeper insights to business leaders by enabling the combination of sales data with other company data.  

The catalyst is Highspot’s BI Kit™, which permits sales data to be seamlessly imported into 3rd party BI solutions and data warehouses and combined with data sets from other teams, such as finance, HR, and operations. This ability to include sales, content, and customer engagement data from the Highspot platform with other company data will provide business leaders with valuable insight to improve sales and go-to-market performance.

Our most recent integration is with Microsoft Power BI.  Announced this morning at Build, Microsoft’s premier event for developers, the combination of Power BI and Highspot will provide 360-degree perspective into content performance and its impact on business goals.  This will allow sales teams to monitor results and optimize effectiveness as never before.

Using Power BI Desktop, reports can be developed and then imported directly into Highspot’s analytics dashboard, enabling Highspot users to include external data in the dashboards they create and share.

Imagine you want to analyze the best practices of your top salespeople based on quota attainment or gross margin, segmented by geo or product line. Or imagine if your marketing team could measure the most effective training in a particular market based on seller performance.  The integration of Highspot data with corporate sales records, finance, or training data can now provide these answers. And the results can be available directly in Highspot analytics and presented in beautiful color.  You can also filter by available criteria and isolate results by individual variables.  It’s a combination sure to propel any sales team to the top of their game.       

Here’s a snapshot of how the Power BI integration works on Highspot:

Highspot BI Kit™ can be used to import data into any system and works with a broad range of BI platforms including Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Sisense, and Domo.  

At Highspot, we are reinventing the ability to improve sales effectiveness through greater insight into what drives high performance sales.  Users of Highspot are familiar with our ability to analyze content usage, pitch performance, customer engagement, and business impact, including any field from the Salesforce CRM system.  Highspot also provides analysis of content, pitch, and sales enablement performance not available in standard BI systems without special data manipulation and visualization.  In this and more, we are advancing our leadership in analytics through sales enablement-specific reports and providing new opportunities for sharing multiple data sets via 3rd party BI.

Content Genomics™ is at the heart of Highspot’s industry-leading analytics and drives our ability to track, analyze, and report on content performance.  This machine learning technology tracks how content evolves as it gets modified, enabling marketers to improve content quality in near real-time and sales analysts to accurately measure content performance.

Today’s announcement exemplifies our commitment to innovation, as well as our position on the importance of analytics to sales enablement.  It also illustrates the necessity of platform integration to the success of our customers.  No longer should sales enablement leaders and their teams speculate as to the impact of the content, training, playbooks and practices they’re producing.  By presenting the best available content when and where it’s needed, all with industry-leading analytics and usability, Highspot is freeing sales teams to do what they do best: sell.

Contact us today for a live demo of our 3rd BI integration capabilities and much more. 

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